Ninja Love

Ninja Love


San Diego now has a two-piece rock band that somehow manages to push out more sound than five guys all shredding double neck guitars. Ninja Love has composed hard hitting and intricate songs packed with heavy drum rhythms and catchy guitar riffs that overflow into brief moments of electronic mayhem.


The origins of Ninja Love are hazy, but in San Diego, sometime in early 2008, it is understood that its two members, wielding guitars, drum machines, nunchucks, and keyboards, began playing heavy, intricately arranged songs combining an appreciation of Tool, Cake, Minus the Bear, and Queens of the Stone Age. Ninja Love's shows quickly became raucous, visual experiences, with its Ninja-mask clad musicians sharing frontman roles, singing and playing guitar, drums, bass, synthesizer, percussion, and electronics, often at the same time. Ninja Love recently released its first EP, "Light Yourself on Fire."


Ninja Love (Theme Song)

Written By: Ninja Love

Ask a question.
Ask me to love you not cut out your heart with my sai.

Learn a lesson.
I don't know how to love you and now you must die.

Oh let your feet fly into my face, knock out all my teeth, my love.

And when you realize, i'll do the same, don't call the police.
It was only love.

Use discretion.
Don't hurt my feelings but shatter my ribs with your hand.

Sheath your weapon.
Ask me to dinner, I'm sorry but I have made plans.


Light yourself on fire.......

It was Ninja Love.....


2009 : Light Yourself on Fire EP

Set List

Typical Set List : 1-1.5 hours , All Original w/ 1-2 covers


You Bastard!
Gentle Sea Beast
Birds of Prey
Ninja Love (Theme Song)
Mexican Power Ballad
Ugly Woman, Ugly Dog
Rabbit Killer
Infant vs. Earthquake
The Pharmacist
Green Peace Disaster
Sudden Ninja Death Syndrome
Farm Song

Prince - Darlin' Nikki
Pink Floyd - In the Flesh
Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly
Presidents of the USA - Kitty
The Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Cake - Nugget