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Nino was born on Valentine’s Day, 1986 in Atlanta Georgia. The nurses that helped to deliver Nino will tell you that he was the first baby they delivered that came out singing and dancing. Both his parents Bernard and Renee Freeman knew they had a special child. At the young age of 5, Nino was already putting on shows for family and friends, imitating Michael Jackson, and other R&B and pop superstars of the time.

After his parents divorced when he was 10 years old, his mother moved the family to Florida to start a new life. Affected by the separation of his parents, Nino really began devoting his time and energy into his talent. Later on he partnered up with some friends, and formed a group, and entered in local talent shows. Because of the good response the group received, they decided to shop their demos to major record labels. After getting turned down numerous times, Nino decided to venture on his own, and take his career in his own hands.

He learned that the music industry was not easy to get into, and had some real bad experiences. Later on after searching online for local entertainment companies, Nino came across MVB Entertainment. He did his research, liked what he saw, and decided to reach out to Sosa from MVB. Excited about the people he met from MVB, Nino decided to sign to MVB Records, and has been busy since then working on his first music video, performing on stage, and getting ready to release a mixtape titled “Phone Sex.”



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