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Against all odds (( The mixtape )) Dropped in march of 07. It Gave me My Voice,My Fans,My style.With 27 Songs. Hosted By Dj Do it all. Sold over 1,000 Copies.
I Am Working On An Albulm. Release date would Come soon. Granite inc.



NiNo G is from the birthplace of where the underground Reggeton/HipHop is a major issue . Ponce P.R where street beef is no joke. Nino g, ((People survive on the hustle where im from.)) While paying his respect to his routes “Nino g” is bringing the idlest Hip Hop music to the table. Nino g, After struggling trough life left for nothing wants to conquer a base of everything that involves respect, money and power. Working closely with people who have been in the game since the early 90’s. Nino g s an artist, Engineer and song writer. The hunger for My goals is real!.

Nino g has worked with Artist such as His right hand man HEAT A.K.A mister florida ave ,Sik cat ent,Block royals own Lynch kastro,Rockband nascence,Cloro sounds,T mama And several others. Nino G has worked with producers such as vinny idol From D-block,money jacks,Bladez buggati from street storm ent, Dj azizz and many others! The main Focus right now After being 60 songs deep,Having an indipendent label with some one who was the only one to hit outa Atlantic city and put it on the map is to hit the mixtape game Hard. They got a suprise coming!
Granite inc.

“Rap is forgotten,. Its all about the money and hate” says the 21year old Rapper Nino g. I’m not trying to knock anyones hustle but everyone wants to rap. its the biggest new hustle i Bolieve only few will suceed. I gotta make a difference in this rap game by being able to Speak my mind for my Latin people and my American people, Giving them nothing but real rap. Things you can close your eyes and say Damn ive been there, ive been threw that.Trust i wont speak about anything unless i've experienced it!

The best moment ive had in the rap game so far is being able to Create and put together the biggest movement ever with Reggeaton,Rnb,Hiphop,Rocknroll Artist. Being able to share my love for this music with and writting for people. Being able to go on stage in from of thousands of people and being able to feel a connection , Being able to make people feel and understand what I write,say. Staying loyal to all my fans and learning how to engineer my work and others has also been a big step for me in the rap game.

NiNo G’s Family Nick named him NiNo Because he would never in there eyes Take anything serious. Never listened a knucklehead but always found his way and hustle to even get a bag of ships.Having a class A Victorian sister took a lot of attention far from him. [my child hood sucked. But it wasn’t any different from people in my hood he says]. Soon after he came for per to the USA he realized the hard life was something to get use to. With a single mother, two sisters and no one to talk to a notebook became his best friend."New Jack Hustler" Hustler, word, I pull the trigger long, ... And I'm a hustler. H-U-S-T-L-E-R

No one tried to change who he was, He raised himself. He was determined to learn how to survive in the streets.[man I was always so bright, I could pick up something and learn it within the hour] After leaving high school in the 10th grade, Niño g soon after got involved with the hustle game. People don’t know what type of toll that takes on your life especially being young and fresh out in the world he says. A hustler became a profession.

“In the year 2002 Niño g and best friend tone took over a drug trade. Making tons of money living the life of a superstar” he says. It became such a success that spending money was nothing.Hotels,girls any rental guns we had it all. due to so many hotel rentals it caught the eyes of detectives. On dec of 2003 sherrif officers starting coming at us like dogs. Niño g and best friend tone and the rest of the team fled up north to avoid prison time after being followed and recorded their every move by detectives. In a way im glad it happened, I would be in jail if I didn’t catch up to detectives moves. Anyone who runs just in time before the bust as they call it is considered lucky. In the other hand ive been through so much I felt somebody owed me. Now I could live my dreams.

After months returning back home still aware of feds , Nino g decided to fall back on the hustle game for a while. Free styling he’s type of living became something he did almost everyday. Writing poems and studying English was a goal to be accomplished. Still learning English Nino g began rapping in Spanish.learning more and more English he would mix both languages, then he finally settled with the English “A bilingual rapper is what I am” he says. Never giving up is the key.

I’m out to please no one but my self with my life story. I’m not telling anyone to sell drugs. When I sold drugs it was because it was my last resort. No father its like no choice i grew up in the hood. I had 2 sisters and a single mother struggling to have sh