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The Guinea Bissau singer, Nino Galissa (Bubacar Galissa Kouyaté) returns with his new album “Africa Today”.

“Africa Today” is an album where Nino Galissa reflects the Africa he dreams: an Africa that stops to be a news because of hungry, misery, war, illness and dead, reasons that push the young people to go abroad, and passed the music to be protagonist a symbol of union between all Africans and solidarity with them. For that, all the songs brings a encouraging message of love and peace, reflected in the compositions with all actual musical stiles in Africa with a base of traditional stiles from his own country, Guinea Bissau. “Africa Today” is the Africa nowadays with all the actual influences as well as in the music like in the own life.

In “Africa Today” Nino sings in Mandinga, Criol, Fula, Spanish and English, and where for the first time sings in Catalan too, the language from the place has welcome and support him since a long time in his artistic way up to consulate him like an international artist and becoming the most emblematic African singer in our country.

“Truthness, originality and powerful”

Nino Galissa was born in Guinea Bissau, in Gabu´s region, cot of griot tradition from everlasting. Descended from a griot family and belonging of a Mandinga´s tribe, he makes his own compositions with a clearly and lightly stile, exploring all the actual technical possibilities and, at the same time, conserving the sonorous prettiness of an old tradition from Mandinga´s village.

“Live an authentic African Party with Nino Galissa´s life, a scenic chameleon like no one”

With this album, the versatile Nino Galissa starts his International Tour in January 2008 with a vibrating spectacle Africa Today. It is very rich in scene combining the kora with rhythm, melody and dance giving a very special colour in his parties, breaking barriers to make the public enjoy African music.


2008 - Africa Today
2003 - Mindjer
2002 - N'namolu
2000 - Djambadon

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