nino latella

nino latella


Cultural songwriter music with elements of pop music classic music, and folk music. Songs are in italian language.


I was born in 03.08.1978 in Messina, Italien.
I play since I was 10 yaers old and i compose ever since my songs with guitar and wind instruments and in italian language.
I studyed in two Academy of music and i played bassoon in the orchestra of teather "Vittorio Emanuele" in Messina, Italy.
I played in a lot of different bands (psykedelik, Progressiv, Pop, Rock) and actually I'm member of the band "Kaira Tilò" in Tübingen (World-music).
I live actually in Tübingen in Germany wehre I founded the Phonema school, private school of music.
I`m also painter... and tatcher of italian language.

I produced with Phonema school my first "solo-project EP" "Nitide" ("bright") in December 2008.
All songs composed and performed by my self.

I play a different music style in one project:
My dream is to reach the heart of different people... some people from world of pop music, some from classic music, some from rock and electronic music...
different consciousness of music... one World.

1)Academy of music "Conservatorio di musica
A.Corelli di Messina" in Messina, Italy.
2) Academy of music "Conservatorio di musica
L:Campiani di Mantova" in Mantova Italy
3) Bassoon player in "Teatro Vittorio Emanuele"
orchestra, in messina, Italy.
4) Phonema Schule
5) EP "Nitide"


"Nitide" 2008
Phonema Schule - records

Set List

Fabrizio de Andrè
Bob Dylan
Francesco de Gregori
Pino Daniele
Bob Marley
Mercedes Sosa
Edoardo Bennato
Rino Gaetano
Lucio Dalla
Buena vista social club