Tomás Y Los Niños Perdidos
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Tomás Y Los Niños Perdidos


Band Latin Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Frozen Fiesta"

Niños Perdidos, somehow manage to bring the warm Mexican climate, to the winter-chilled upper Peninsula of Michigan, but not before passing over the mountains of Jamaica. This is a sound of spirited and world-schooled musicians guided by the devoted songwriting and vocals of Tomas. As the single existing force of roots music in remote Marquette, the band in this configuration (which also exists as Ignorant Mob, a genuine reggae band in the most unlikely of places) has been the soul providers of sweaty groove charged melodies, in an area much in need of elevated temperatures...

- Bernie Larsen, Spinout Records, Cry on Cue


Cada Jueves Dos
Live @ White's Bar
Live @ El Centro Autonomo
Radio Insurgente (Fall 2008)




In the past year Los Niños Perdidos have performed across the Midwest with with Bernie Larsen, Cry on Cue, Bocafloja, DJ Ethos, Grass Monkey, Sprout, Ray Torres and others.

... ... ...Tomás y Los Niños Perdidos (or Pocho y Los Gueros) was created in 2007 Luckily, there are several Lost Boys in Marquette, who are willing to be perdut long enough to let the Latino to exude from their souls. The music is influeced by street music all over the world, reggae, ska, cumbia, afro-beat, malian-blues, and blues... ...

Four of los niños make up the heart of the band Ignorant Mob, or Los Mafiosos Ignorantes -Fumi Papi, Rojito, El Paciente y Marvilha. Based in Marquette, Michigan, Ignorant Mob specializes in reggae and dub, of the organic fashion. Their expertise in island beat makes Niños Perdidos a fusion of sub-Rio Grande sound.


There is reference in some canciones to the quotes of Subcommander Marcos - the Rebel leader in Mexico's southern state of Chiapas, Joaquim Nabuco -the famous Brazillian politician. It should be noted that Tomás Tomás y Los Niños Perdidos do not exactly know what is being said in these quotes because none of the Niños Perdidos have ever lived in the afflicted countries, and none of them are fluent in Spanish. But, for the record, Brazil: third world stagnance and circumlocution of conscientização (term coined by Paulo Freire), and Chiapas: complete neglect of indigenous populations and subsequent poltical harrassment, financial strangleholding, and general cruelty through ignorance on the part of the Mexican government.

Tomás Tomás y Los Niños Perdidos are not saying that Mexico and Brazil are the only countries which exhibit these tendencies, they are merely using the words of two influential resistance leaders to get a message across. Opression and tyranny of a different order can be witness in the United State's government strict adherence to the devastation of the American Constitution.

All of the other language in the music is about beer and food - chorizo and eggs, al pastor, chicharrones, carnitas, Pollo en Mole, taquitos de lengua, sopa de fideo, sopa de camarón, limon con poco de sal. Las bebidas: caprinha, Tecate, Modelo, mojito, mojito con frambuesa, mojito con naranja, mojito con mango, enchiladas mas pocas cebollas, all kinds of food.

We would also like to thank our local Mexican restaurant Los Tres Amigos for bringing at least a few of these foods to the community. Culture is music, culture is food, culture is what we do when we are together...