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"Juan Moreno"

After I sat down in a Greenwich Village spot called the Blind Tiger the other day, I saw a familiar face and soon found myself involved in heavy conversation about music with the gentleman. I remembered him; I'd seen him playing the bass for a few Cuban bands at various clubs in New York City. I remembered him for his unusual sound and unique style. Mutual recognition prompted an interesting exchange on the state of music affairs. He promptly pulled out a CD from his bag of tricks. It took me a week to actually listen to the production and I am sorry I took so long.

Niño Torrento has put together a delightful musical group that brings out pure Son Montuno with room to spare. With singer Jainardo Batista who has become a staple as montuneros go in New York, world-renowned percussionist Little Johnny Rivero in combination with conguero Renato Thoms and sonero Chuito de Jesús among others, Torrento has surrounded himself with incredible firing power to support eight original compositions and two standards, resulting in a solid musical production that should be a part of the collection of any fan of the Son Montuno.

The CD opens with the theme "Gózalo" which means "Enjoy it". This cut might as well have been the title of the entire production. It's a fine number composed by Torrento that has the musicians of Son de Hoy transport you straight into the son of things. Another hot tune, "El Son te Llama - The son is calling you", exemplifies the style and musicality that is so fresh in this group. The rest of the production is more of the same, a term that I use loosely because Son de Hoy belts out one charged tune after another, in an album destined to become a classic for the dance fan.

The sound here is tight and on time if you know what I mean - on clave, solid. This is a highly danceable recording that, although not being heavily marketed, is one of the best new productions of its kind. The musicians are a classic mix of Cubans and Puerto Ricans that will make the music fan reminisce about the pre-Castro days when the Cuban influx into New York formed the vital base for the development of the Mambo era. We are living in different times now but there is no stopping quality of which there is plenty in this production. Son de Hoy is a definite throwback to the good old days.

Most importantly, Son Montuno is the musical base of everything considered Salsa today, the root of the Afro-Caribbean sound as rediscovered through the efforts of Ry Cooder and the 'youngsters' from the Buena Vista Social Club. Groups like Son de Hoy are bringing that musical tradition back with force. You can regularly hear them play places like Son Cubano, the Belle Epoque and Gonzalez & Gonzalez in New York City, but they're also beginning to tour extensively. This group is part of a new movement that is returning the essence of Afro-Caribbean music back to the fore. As musicians say, "it's back to the future". With Son de Hoy which means Son of Today, the future is now. To listen to Son Montuno, you no longer have to go to Buena Vista - Son de Hoy will suffice. This group can make you feel tropical really fast. When you see this CD, get it. I recommend it without reservations.


"Editor's pick"

Editor's Pick:
Even ten years ago, New York was filled with really fine bands like Son de Hoy, house rocking little groups that played the neighborhood. The recording, with the majority of tunes by Torrente, the bassist and leader, is local music at its best, unpretentious with a profound love for the genre, which in this case is the son. Powered by a tres, a couple of good singers and percussion, the whole record powers ahead; it falls easily on the ears.
Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2003-10-23)


Son De Hoy has emerged in New York as a leading interpreter of traditional Cuban music. The group also plays original compositions that are rooted in a son montuno style. Among them, the members bring eight decades of experience gained on several continents. Their first CD is expected to be released this winter.
An American pianist with a Cuban heart, Paul Armstrong has played professionally for twelve ;years. He moved to New York from Colorado in 2001 to pursue Latin music and, with Miguel Garcia and Niño Torrente formed Son De Hoy.
Singer Miguel Garcia left Cuba at age fourteen and started his own pop music band a year later in New York. An accomplished guitarist as well, Miguel formed and sang with several groups that opened for Tito Puetne, Orquesta Yambu, and Charlie Palmieri.
Flutist Roberto Pitre received his earliest music training in classical piano at the Panama Conservatory. He later studied at the National Conservatory and at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he was awarded a fellowship. He has gigged with Victor Boa, Joe Benitez, Edsel Gomez, Hector Martignon, Panillo Perez, and Mauricio Smith. He has also played MPB and salsa with Chikuinho de Moraes, Vanderlea, Joao Donato, and Cauby Peixoto. Roberto leads his own group, Tambo Jazz. His work can be heard on various CDs.
Bongocero Arturo Rodriguez learned drumming in Cuba where as a youngster he played with Pello El Afrocan, "El Rey del Mozambique." He is versed in all Afro-Cuban rhythms.
Congero Renato Thomas, also from Panama, studied percussion at the Music Conservatory of San Jose, Costa Rica. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and did his graduate work at the New England Conservatory of Music. Renato has played with Denilo Perez, Hilton Ruiz, and Eddie Palmieri, among many others.
Bassist Niño Torrente, born in Havana, first played professionally in New York at age fifteen. He is schooled in a wide range of styles and has worked with a large number of musicians including James Brown, Tito Puente, Live Wire, a California band, and the Whispers. Niño is also a composer and arranger.
- la

"Niño Torrente And Son De Hoy"

Editor's Pick:
Even ten years ago, New York was filled with really fine bands like Son de Hoy, house rocking little groups that played the neighborhood. The recording, with the majority of tunes by Torrente, the bassist and leader, is local music at its best, unpretentious with a profound love for the genre, which in this case is the son. Powered by a tres, a couple of good singers and percussion, the whole record powers ahead; it falls easily on the ears.
Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2003-10-23)


SON DE HOY. The latest CD released at the end of 2004.



Born in Havana, Niño Torrente traces his earliest musical influence to Isabela de Sagua, a fishing village and port on the south coast of Cuba where he spent his boyhood. "Everyone played an instrument", he said, "and it was common for groups of men to gather at home and talk, laugh, smoke cigars, and sing the old songs." The family's move to New York just before his teens presented Torrente with a challenge - English - and solution - soul music. "I fell in love with the sound of it - James Brown, The Temptations, The Chi-likes. By listening to them all the time, I learned "English".
A bassist on both electric and upright, Torrente is leader of Son de Hoy, a new group that plays traditional Cuban songs and original compositions that draw from the older rhythms. Son de Hoy appears weekly at Son Cubano and Cuba Libre, and has also played various venues in NYC, such as Nell's, the Village Underground, La Belle Epoque, Gonzales & Gonzales, Risa, and Pertutti.
Before returning to his Cuban roots, Torrente played in a wide range of styles. In the early 90s, he formed a soul and funk band, Live Wire, with the guitarist Ralph Nelson. He and Nelson wrote dozens of songs which Live Wire performed, along with funk standards, at Harry's in San Francisco and other venues in the Bay Area.
Torrente was chosen by the filmmaker Malcolm Lam to compose the music for his new film narrative about Latin dance. "Falling in Rhythm" is in the final editing stage and is expected to be released in the spring of 2004. The album “Niño Torrente and Son de Hoy” which contains the film's songs, was released in October 2003. Niño Torrente and Son de Hoy became part of Ardel Records roster in Sept. 2004.
Contact: Lola Arcaya-Delucia
Phone: 203 230 9072
Fax: 203 371 0601

February 1st, 2006

For Immediate Release:

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