Ninth Avenue

Ninth Avenue

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When looking for talent, which would you prefer. Someone to fill the slot, or someone to bring the audience to their feet and give them a performance they won't forget? Unforgettable is what we'll give you. We're passionate about what we do and we spill our energy and emotion into the crowd.


Well first of all, Ninth Avenue is not a street. It's a rap duo based in Chicago, Illinois. The group consists of members Terry Stylez and Nova. The two hooked up back in 2009 and have since then proven themselves to be among the most talented up and coming recording artists of their generation. Still relatively new to the game, it remains to be seen as to exactly where the two are headed. But from the looks of things, Ninth Avenue appears to be anything but a dead end. What separates these guys from other aspiring MC's? Longevity. They aren't going anywhere.


New Beginnings [Single]
The Life [Single]
The Prequel [Mixtape]
Talk Of The Town [Single]
Footprints On The Moon [Single]
Registration [Single]
Good Morning [Single]
Skool Kidz [Mixtape]
Boy Meets Girl [Single]