Ninth Line

Ninth Line


Ninth Line is an exciting, energetic fiddle group, a traditional celtic sound, with a modern twist. Ninth Line will surely delight any audience with their fiery 'barn-burners' and toe tapping reels.


Ninth Line was formed in 1992 and has emerged from the Underground Fiddlers and evolved into the group you see today. Initially a pass time to entice the students of the Suzuki Underground Strings studio into practicing over the summer, fiddle music became a passion. From the first junior youth talent competition, in '92, there was magic. The Underground Fiddlers were asked to perform at such locations as the Essex County Fair and Merla Mae locations around London Ontario. The years passed and membership changed, fiddlers moved on and new players joined, in 2000, Underground entered the NewPL Youth Talent Search, and out of 800 applicants placed 2nd. This was a major confidence boost leading to gigs all around London and even to Ottawa where they played the Corel Centre. After a long hiatus, Underground is back with a new flair and new name and is trying their luck at breaking down some Toronto barriers. Having amazed audiences at K.C. McFly's in Scarborough, they hope to play many more venues around Toronto. Keep your eyes and ears open for the unique sound of Ninth Line.

Set List

Set list consists of traditional fiddle tunes from Canada, Ireland and Scotland, including:
Danny Boy
Maple Sugar
Cripple Creek
Blue Bells of Scotland
Devil's Dream
Boil Em Cabbages
.....and many more!
Sets can also include covers by:
Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Great Big Sea, the Beatles, Richie Valens, and the Charlie Daniels Band

Ninth Line can do up to four 45 minute sets.