Ninth Pillar

Ninth Pillar

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Nothing borrowed , nothing stolen! Ninth Pillar has a totally unique sound. The band consists of 3 Music School graduates whose passion for the craft combine to produce rock music with a truly creative edge.


Ninth Pillar are an originals rock band that formed in November 2002. The line up consists of Guitar, Bass , Theremin , Drums and Vocals. Their music has a broad range of influences as each member has different tastes in music. Ninth Pillar bases their sound upon catchy lyrics,straight forward guitar riffs and ballsy bass undertones. After listening to a few songs, you will find yourself humming their melodies for days later.


Between Machines EP 2007
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Set List

1. Hold the Line
2. No Hesitation
3. One Shot
4. My Fire
5. A Minor Song
6. Someday
7. What you want
8. Between Machines
9. Addiction
10. Thought about it
11. Here I Fall
12. So Far to Go
13. I Try I Fail

Typical set goes from between 40mins - 1 Hr