Nion Abeo

Nion Abeo


Nion Abeo are a Modern, Alt Rock, guitar centric three piece. With melodic choruses and thoughtful music; sometimes heavy, sometimes crunchy, but always dynamic music made to please the ear. No compromise and a will to be themselves.


Nion Abeo formed in late 2008; three friends wanting to write songs that satisfies their need to hear something new in guitar music. Looking to recreate the epic crescendos of bands like Oceansize, and the beautiful melodies of Biffy Clyro, whilst shying away from being self indulgent or over-complicated.

Years of playing in bedrooms, pubs, clubs and various venues brought out a need to play music that was different. With a drive to be integral, Toby fuses emotion with melody to impressive effect. Accompanied by a tight rhythm section, dynamic in the use of heavy, crunchy guitars, and clean, thoughtful guitar work. A driving beat, and lots of love for music and their art;
Nion Abeo, mean it.


F.Y.I. Demo
Including the tracks:
1. F.Y.I.
2. In Pieces
3.The Brink

The Company Expires EP
Including the tracks:
1. I Get Where?
2. The Company Expires
3. Future Hello
4. It's a Bitter System
5. Smoke Against the Air

Set List

A typical set list is around 8 songs, all original material, at 30/35 mins.