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Long Beach, California, United States | INDIE

Long Beach, California, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Nique - "Show You" New Single"

I’m not an egotistical writer. I’m a man of integrity that doesn’t hand out good ratings simply because an artist shouts out DJBooth on a song. Ok…so maybe I would, but that doesn’t mean I’m co-signing NIQUE’s new track Show You because he threw us some love (although it’s much appreciated). No, it’s the force behind the Las Vegas emcee’s talent that has the capacity to leave listeners’ ears gasping for breath with his unique style and driving bars. With a heavily and creatively-driven beat contributed by the Trakkblazers, NIQUE showcases his ability to show us how to, well, do it, with lines like “I don’t do it for the chicks/ I don’t need them on my ass/ yeah I got it down/ do you even gotta ask/ but did you even get it or did it slip past?” Show You is not currently part of any official project from NIQUE. Stay locked to the DJBooth for more songs from this talented Las Vegas up-and-comer. - Sigurd (

"Nique is “Framed & Unfocused” on New Mixtape"

The West Coast come up continues with Long Beach emcee Nique, a smoothly flowing rapper who know calls Las Vegas home. On his new mixtape "Framed & Unfocused", presented by Flo Deep Music Group, Nique goes hard enough to ensure that everyone from here on out will remember his name. So if you're vision's a little blurry on this up-and-comer, I definitely recommend getting your hip-hop eyesight corrected by checking out the mixtape. - Nathan Slavik (

"Nique drops mixtape 'Framed And Unfocused'"

Nevada gets some shine this afternoon as Nique officially releases his new mixtape entitled Framed And Unfocused. You may also remember Max G.'s feature on Nique's "Good Life" f/ Jennifer Cruz a couple of weeks ago, which also earned a spot in my rotation. Since then I was intrigued to hear more and Nique really delivered with a 20 track mixtape. The powerful cover, illustrated by Richie Pope, evokes the music on the tape as Nique rhymes with a mix of energy and reflective emotion over a versatile selection of production. (BTW, what a week for covers! Scroll/appreciate!) You'll be able to make a Drake comparison after hearing a few tracks from Nique as they have similar voices, yet Nique also rhymes intelligently with lyrics that are thought-provoking. I especially liked "Champ" - a motivating uptempo track - and in contrast the laid-back "Stars" f/ Slik D. But a standout track that caught my eye is one I extracted for individual download above - "Cut My Check" featuring fellow Nevada MC, Marion Write. They go in at break-neck pace over another addicting Bangladesh beat. Overall, you'll be impressed with a mix of one-liners and storytelling lyrics throughout Framed And Unfocused. Download it above! - Sgt. Tibs (


"Framed & Unfocused" (mixtape)
Released October 2009
(c) 2009 Flo Deep Music Group

Show You (single)
Released January 2010
(c) 2010 Flo Deep Music Group

"X.XIII" (mixtape)
Released TBA
(c) 2010 Flo Deep Music Group
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Nique is an up and coming artist who was a little late bloomer to the rap genre, it wasnt untill he heard "Forgot About Dre" that he
decided he wanted to start writing. Influenced heavily by the style in which marshall mathers delivered he forged his own around that.
It is evident in Niques beginning stages that he idolized Eminem, not in subject but in his complex and intertwining rhyme scheme. So
the practice began all through middle school to high school. A bit shy though Nique did not open up his love for writing to anyone untill
he moved to vegas at the end of his sophomore year. Started off building confidence freestyling with friends before and after school and
more times than not Nique was praised for his quick thinking and witty words. constantly writing now more than he did in Cali Niques skill
began to grow rapidly. He never recorded anything though untill he graduated from highschool, so with a stock microphone that came with the computer
Nique recorded a few songs that didnt really stand out but displayed huge potential. Friends pushed and urged him to record more and it wasnt untill
" Must be The Kicks " came along that Nique was recognized for rapping. Nique came out with two mixtapes under the title D.O.P.E. an acronim for Dishing Out Pure
Excellence. although they werent legit mixtapes they were only made so the songs would be under a title he gained a little more of a following. It wasnt Untill
He released his latest mixtape "Framed and Unfocused" that he was greatly noticed by larger group of people, Even blogs that use to entertain his need for
a new artist were showing him support, such as, and just to name a few. So moving in the right direction
of his dream Nique keeps pushing knowing one day he will see that dotted line, untill then there is no doubt that this young artist has found his niche and is
destined for more.