new idea society

new idea society

 New York City, New York, USA

New Idea Society is a four piece band from Brooklyn.


New Idea Society began as an outlet for Mike Law to record songs. Later joined by Chris DeAngelis after a move from Boston to Brooklyn the two recruited Alan Cage to write their new album which became Somehow Disappearing (To be released in 2010). This followed a bit of a gap of public inactivity as the group was recovering from a touring accident on the Autobahn in Germany. Mike had broken several bones and couldn't play guitar (this is one of the reasons that Somehow Disappearing has a stronger synthesizer presence). Though not touring or playing many shows during the recovery period the band did write over 20 new songs that were in contention for the new release. Producer Andy LeMaster (R.E.M, Bright Eyes) signed on to record the album at Translator Audio in Brooklyn. Mixing followed at Andy's studio in Athens, some more recording in Brooklyn and mixing lead to a finally completed album in 2010. As the band finishes the details of the album it is also preparing for some more touring in 2010 to follow up on its previous successful U.S., European, and Japanese dates.


Autumn You

Written By: Mike Law

I am crushed by the giant sounds of your heart beating Autumn loud.


"You Are Awake Or Asleep" Full Length Magic Bullet Records 2005 (U.S.), Daymare (JP)
"The World Is Bright And Lonely" Full Length Exotic Fever (U.S.), 2007 Daymare (JP)
"Quiet Prism" EP Shiny Shoes Records 2010
"Somehow Disappearing" Full Length Shiny Shoes Records, 2010 (U.S.), Moorworks (JP).

Set List

Sets are designed as agreed to fit the venue and particular show.