With over 86,000 social media fans, Nishay is a all around global catch for the ear. She is an inspiring pop artist with a carribean background. Her sound is relative to a combination of Janet Jackson/Rihanna but solely is still none other than the beautiful NiShay Fisher.


"Pop culture is one of the most sought out musical genre's. It is one of which that makes people smile and feel good at the height of the record. The best kind of feeling!" says Nishay. Talented, beautiful, mysterious, & driven, makes up what we may see of this sensational female pop artist. In the early years of childhood, Nishay followed her father around as he sang and performed as a lead guitarist in a Bahamian Band known as “the VIP’s”. During Nishay’s younger years, she developed the skills of stage presence and art at a local college of performing arts during the summer seasons. There she enjoyed modeling, acting, and dancing. At the tender age of five, she began to grace others with her angelic voice. With occasional nights of singing at performances with her father in the late hours, Nishay knew this was “it”! In her home life, Nishay’s angelic voice could be carried through the walls as she danced and performed as music played off the tv. In primary school at the age of 7, her writing abilities emerged. By listening to many older pop and rnb artist such as Janet Jackson, Sade, Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Tony Braxton, Michael Jackson, and even Brit pop sensation, Spice Girls of the late 90’s era, she knew she would set a path for performing. During the course of her teen years, she traveled with choirs, and also sang in underground female groups. Although many hardships occurred, Nishay never gave up and became a solo act becoming who is is today. In 2010, Nishay released a amateur mix-tape called the “New Breed of Fierce”, in return creating a spiral of twitter attention. The "mixtape" was concentrated over beats of hip hop and rnb records and showed major versatility including the interludes ( written and recorded poems) that caught most of the attention to the project.. With an amazing total of 1.4 million views/plays/downloads, Nishay became further intrigued in continuing her journey. From a little girl singing in front of a mirror, to a beautiful woman ready to "face the music", she evolved. Nishay has written a few ghost writing projects and is currently working on her own highly anticipated project set to release 2013, few of which she has produced and contributed all of her writing as well.


Drip A Sweat (2009) - Myspace Sensation
New Breed of Fierce Mixtape (2011) - Over 1.4 million views
Baddest In This (2011)
- over 30 Colleges/Internet Airplay channels
Baddest In This (2011)
COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPES 175 Hosted by J-COLE) - YouTube Video Marked
Fixing To Fall (2012) - First song accredited to I-tunes

Set List

2 Background Singer Mics
with additional Mic for headliner.