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i am a rock/pop singer songwriter, love a catchy tune, the odd surprising harmonic progression and at times the unconventional approach to writing and producing a song.


there's a bit more on me and my music at some of my influences come from Mozart, David Bowie, Radiohead, David Sylvian and others....


Once Upon a Time

Written By: nissim

Once upon a time I kissed you
I loved you with all of my heart
Once upon a time I needed you
I couldn’t do without you

But times have changed now
And so have you
Skies have turned into
This perfect blue

I know that even if the sky should fall
Even if I’m forced to crawl, there’s no way
I’ll do it, I’m not going to do it
Cause I’ve learned that once is more than just enough
I’m not going to waste my life, oh no, repeating
The same old mistake

Don't be Afraid

Written By: nissim

Run, for heaven’s sake jus run
Please don’t leave me behind
Take me in your arms
And hold me tight

Dive, into the big blue skies
And let me be your eyes
Chain me to your wings and fly
Don’t let me down

Don’t let the moment pass you by
Dreams come true, once in a while
There is magic, miracles come around

Don’t let the darkness get you down
There is light and it’s right around the corner
Don’t be afraid now

Shine, your tears are just like wine
Your heart beats shake the ground
Your beauty is divine, you’ll be fine
You’ll be fine

Rely On Me

Written By: nissim

Rely on the future that awaits you
Rely on the faith that navigate you
Your story will narrate you
Rely on me, I’ll never disappoint you I am yourself

Rely on the truth that lies within you
Rely on your senses they will guide you
Your glory shall continue
Rely on me, I’ll never let you down I am yourself

Rely on, rely on me


i have recorded my debut CD independently in 1994 (The Missing Man) and had it remastered in 2001. i recorded another CD at my home studio but have not officially released it. one of my songs was recorded and released by an Israeli artist, Idit Eshel, in 2004.

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at this stage i don't perform live