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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best of Montreal 2009"

Nista came in 9th place for Freakiest Local Act in the Montreal Mirror's 20th Annual Best of Montreal Readers Poll 2009. - Montreal Mirror

"Bitchin' Babe: Stina"

You may have heard of the Montreal-based group Nista and their lead singer Stina - after all, they were voted among Montreal's Top Ten Freakiest Local Acts this year. Stina, originally from from Reykjavik, Iceland, moved to Montreal with her husband Tommi in 2002. Not only does Stina belt out the tunes, she also writes all the lyrics herself and some of the music as well. If that wasn't impressive enough, Stina also performs as a jazz singer, has been among the Montreal Mirror's Top 10 Best Jazz Acts for the last two years, and is also a member of an electro dance duo called Axxe.

Did we mention that she speaks Icelandic, Swedish, English, and some French, German and Danish too? Oh, and she's a Ballerina. We're not kidding.

Name: Stina (full Icelandic name Kristín Birgitta Ágústsdóttir)

Passion: Making sweet music and being hot!

Truth or Dare: Both.

Favourite Song: The one I haven't written yet.

Favourite Food: Everything my half-Swedish mother makes.

Favourite Book: Brekkukotsannáll (By Halldor Laxness).

Most Underrated Place in Montreal: Botanical Gardens and my studio.

Secret no one knows about you: I have a degree in mechanical and industrial engineering.

Do you have any professional training in music as well? I studied Jazz music in Montreal, Pop in London, and Classical singing in Iceland.

Most significant moment: When I decided to become a singer.

If you'd live anywhere in the world where would it be?: Inside your head.

Favourite Recipe: Lemongrass, red curry, coconut shrimp soup (Donna Hay)... and my mother's cinnamon buns.

What do you miss most about you home? My trolls and the ocean.

Favourite Quote: "Geri ekki neitt fyrir neinn sem gerir ekki neitt fyrir neinn" (from an Icelandic classic movie) or "I like cake."

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"In The Spirit of $99 Music Videos"

Featured video for "Water".
The playful and child-like stop motion uses toys and craft supplies to make a narrative including: a babydoll in a dollhouse set, a unicorn, a wrapped present, a pirate, dinosaurs, a gorilla, and of course, water. Now that’s a good set of characters!

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"Best of Montreal 2008"

Stina Agustsdottir (Nista singer) came in the top 10 in the Best Jazz Act category in the Montreal Mirror's Annual Best of Montreal Readers Poll 2008.
View here: - Montreal Mirror

"Nista – free indie mp3 download + indie music video"

Indyish featuring new Nista song & video for "Water": - Indyish

"Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard Of Band Of The Day: Nista"

20 May

Okay, so this one’s been on my mind for a while now: What The Fuck is Up With Iceland? According to Google, there are about 300,000 people who live there, but it seems that about 200,000 of them are musicians or artists, and a healthy percentage of those are decent if not excellent at what the do. It’s not just Bjork and Sigur Ros. Check into Nista. - Synthesis e-zine

"How Swede It Is: Nista EP Launch @ Jupiter (Thurs. Nov. 13)"

The Nista EP Launch Party blasts off at 9 PM on Thursday, November 13th (tomorrow) from the Jupiter Room (3874 St. Laurent). In exchange for a $5 cover, you will have the pleasure of experiencing two amazing local bands: Nista & The NDG Philharmonic.
It's a bittersweet moment for me: plugging a hot new local band with Swedish/Icelandic roots as my time in MTL nears its terminus and I prepare for my Scandinavian relocation. For this post, however, I shall focus on the sweet as it's relevance significantly outweighs its bitter counterpart. So if you're a fan of Scandinavian infused pop-rock, like I be, it may very well be in your best interest to click on "continue reading" link below.

A couple weeks back, I had the unexpected pleasure of hearing out a "quirky local Swede-esque" band's new EP. Although Nista is partly comprised of native Quebecers, there's no escaping its Icelandic/Swedish roots. After hearing the instantaneously catchy "Teenage Dreams", I immediately fell in love with their Norsk pop-rock sound which prominently features the sultry sensual vocal chords of front lady, Stina August.
There's just something about that Scandinavian sound and their perfectionist pop-rock compositions that gets me all hot and bothered and makes me want to rock it. Traces of the Cardigans and Nina Persson are stirred in with pinches of Bjork and the Sugarcubes, and dare I mention, hints of ABBA, Roxette and Ace of Base. I'm not just talking about every Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Icelandic group I know, because then I would have brought up Aqua too. But seriously, I'm talking about the exquisite way in which Nista fuses sexy vocals with rockin' guitar riffs that are supported by a solid rhythmic foundation.
Nista will be preceded by yet another homegrown act, the NDG Philharmonic. Please do take the time to listen to their myspace page, as it definitely caught me off guard and rocked my socks off Forrest Gump Soundtrack style. I'm so liable to become a huge groupie of both bands. That means I think they're cool, which means you should too. And although "nista" translates into "nothing" in my native tongue, I have a strong feeling that this EP launch will also outweigh it Serbo-Croat significance.
Comment Homework: Battle of the Viking Bands
I'm a big fan of music that originates from Iceland/Norway/Denmark/Sweden. If you share my passion, then I would be thrilled to hear about your favourite Viking band or artist. Likewise, if you think tunes with this geographic indication suck, then please let me know why.

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"Maury LaFoy on Nista"

"With a fresh face and attitude, Stina Agustsdottir collaborated with
myself and some of Toronto's finest musicians.
Blending styles from all over the musical universe, this woman has
made them her own by combining her international flair with
humour, soul and raw emotion. Hear for yourself, Stina rocks!"

-Maury LaFoy
Bassist / Producer ( Jann Arden, K-os, Sarah Harmer, Ron Sexsmith ) - n/a

"Johann G Johannsson on Nista"

"Stina August has got a lot of depth and soul. The way she sings touches my

-Jóhann G. Jóhansson
Renowned Icelandic songwriter - Myspace

"Francesca Gagnon on Nista"

"Stina's beautiful voice is matched by the beauty of her personality.
On stage she plays with elements of sensuality and wit, making for a
lively and intimate performance. "

-Francesca Gagnon, the original voice of Cirque du Soleil's Alegria - n/a


August 2010
Neon Hearts (working title)

October 2008
Nista EP



Nista started as one Icelandic's way to make her mark in her new home of Montreal. Vocalist Stina Agustsdottir along with guitarist/husband and fellow Icelander Tommi Gunnarsson, rounded up some talented local musicians Phil Coulombe (drums) and Jérôme Payette (bass).

Their unique style of indie-tronica pop-rock has grabbed the attention of local concert-goers who helped land them in the Top 10 of Montreal Mirror's annual Reader's Poll as one of Montreal's Freakiest Local Acts. Costumes, props, eclectic music and a powerful female lead vocalist helped them earn this freakish honor.

In the last year they released their debut EP and have been playing numerous shows in Montreal and Toronto including NXNE 2009. The band plans on releasing their new album in early 2010 and tour in Canada and Iceland.

Their upcoming full-length album tentatively titled Neon Hearts will be a collaboration of friends. Some of the albums collaborators include Leif Vollebekk, Kim Neundorf (Jason Bajada band) and Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson Band). Album artwork will also be designed by local artists. The sound of the new album will be a dirty organic sound of pop melodies with attitude and whimsical lyrics.