Morrow, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

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A native of Atlanta, GA, born on the west side of Atlanta raised in the Zone 3 Summerhill neighborhood inspired and motivated to become one of hip-hop’s aspiring talents, Aravius Hill a.k.a. Nite burst on the Hip-Hop scene in 2003 with a group of young talents known as “The Smoked Out Ballers” they attended local open mic and talent searches which gain local media attention. Nite ventured out on a solo project “I Know What Its Gone Take” featuring Young Ralph a song Nite written after reflecting on life experiences as he began his journey on a road to success. “I Know What Its Gone Take” wrestles with life struggles, temptation, redemption, and success, the song quickly brought Nite many opportunities for future projects. Nite has been performing since early childhood, taking inspiration and encouragement from Tupac Shakur, Master P, Sean Combs, and Outkast. His first album “Nothing to something” produced by Young Snipe, was released by 762 entertainment as a mix taped cd. After the mix tape released, Nite has issued Know Dat featuring Young Dro, Slap Her on Da Ass featuring Carleon Family in which created a swag movement and the original swag dance that is known throughout the world, I Just Swag, (Now Take Off) A whole nutha and Swag like This, these vinyl singles has received continuous acknowledgement throughout numerous entertainment facilities in the southeast region. Upcoming projects schedule for release summer of 2010 entitled Definition of Swag, In Timing and Music by Nite.


slap, Swagg like this,Pillow talk

Set List

A song last three mins and 45