Nite Lite

Nite Lite


NITE LITE is a New York based rock band with influences ranging from Foo Fighters to Led Zeppelin to Yes. Musicianship with a Pop sensiblility and appeal!


Nite Lite has opened for many diversified acts such as Eric Johnson, Rick Wakeman, Splender, Dave Mason, Thin Lizzy's re-union Tour and Mountain's Re-union Tour.
Nite Lite plays Rock music with splashes of classic Progressive Rock, but never loses hold of it's down to earth rock roots.
Rick Wakeman of 'Yes' in a recent newsletter is
quoted as saying "Nite Lite are a New York based band that are quite stunning in musicality and Rick has no hesitation in inviting them to join the fold."
Nite Lite has independently released 3 albums on their own Center Line Label. The first titled"Nite Lite" the second "Eye 2 Eye"and their current cd titled "The Hunter"
The band has an informative website , and that has plenty of photos,sound samples and video of the band.


Album: "TheHunter" 2008 Center Line Records
Album: "Eye 2 Eye" released via internet stores
Center Line Records(2004)
Album:"Nite Lite" released via internet stores Center Line Records(2001)
First cd got light rotation on New Jersey's rock staion WRAT.
Website: contains audio and video clips

Set List

We perform 8-10 songs live, Our set runs 35 to 45 minutes depending on the allotted time given by the club. We do only original songs.
Set List: usually contains whatever cd we are promoting plus older original songs that are crowd favorites