Nitemarket 12

Nitemarket 12

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Misleadingly dubbed, "folk music for circus-folk". This trio boasts a uniquely fresh flavour of instrumental music that will vividly captivate the imagination. An emphasis on musicianship, humour, and outright enjoyment makes this band a must-see for weirdos and normies alike!


Originally formed under the guise of two brothers getting together with their friend to jam on some classic hip hop instrumentals, Nitemarket 12 is a glorious accident of a band. Playing a unique, cinematic form of instrumental music, Nitemarket touches on so many different styles of music (often within a single song) that it is impossible to typify their sound. It is a true form of fusion, but we dare not call it jazz. With uncanny chemistry and an emphasis on musicianship, the collective personality of this trio is what turns this abomination into a cohesive form of contemporary music with the overtones of a twisted circus.


"The Ten-in-One EP" (4 song EP, released Oct. 2012)

"El Guapo" (online b-side, released May 2012)

"Nitemarket 12 is... Buggin' Out" (full-length LP, released Sept. 2010)

Set List

June 23, 2012

1) El Guapo
2) The Ten-in-One
3) Nitemarket Labs
4) Erroneous Funk
5) Dreams
6) Clown Car Chase
7) Asiatic Camel Waltz
8) Royal Decree