Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

NiteRain is the funniest, rawest, balsziest, sexiest and loudest Rock N Roll act at the moment. If you really wanna shake things up. Come see this crazy rock n roll sircus!! NB: NiteRain backstage equals the biggest dating service known to man!


NiteRain was formed in the early days of 2005. A bunch of young guys wanted to create a band that had all the right elements a succesfull band was suppose to have! A great looking frontman, a crazy guitarplayer, a monsterous bassplayer and off course a hard hitting drumplayer in the back!

Together through the whole 2010 the band toured all over Norway, twice, sold lots of merchandise, gained tons of fans, not to mention worldwide as well as Norway. And today being known as Oslo's greatest rock n roll act- its easy to put us on bigger stages!

The bands image is a big mixture of rock n roll history. Its a big mix between british tweed, black leather, white leater, red leather, satin, feathers, cut-ups, non cut ups. Its basically hot and heavy...Just like we are.

Musical influences. Every member in NiteRain has their differences, like. The guitar player is very 70's inspired like Led Zep, Queen and maybe biggest of all- AC/DC.
The leadsinger could be Vince Neil's son from Mötley Crüe. The drummer is a hard hittin' metalhead. And last but not least, the bassplayer is pure 80's Glam

The biggest reason why NiteRain is going somewhere is because; not only because they look great, like many many bands before them. But the musical level it as its peak at the age of 21-22.
The summer of 2010, NiteRain got the opportunity to support Mötley Crüe, unfortunatly MC decided to cancel Norway on the tour, cause of having troubles with the time schedule.

As for today, the band is playing as much as possible and selling merchandise worldwide and going support for Backstreet Girls and Pretty Boy Floyd.

NiteRain has recently recorded a EP at Trond Holter's Rock Ranch Studios. Trond is maybe better known as guitarplayer ¨Teeny¨ from the loud glam metal band from Norway; WIGWAM!
and Dream Police!

If you wanna spritz up your festival or your local bar, give NiteRain a call and get set, for a Rock n Roll show you'll never forget!


EP is on its way (mixing process)

Make My Day
Playing The Game (of rock n roll)
Run Run Run!

Set List

Bad Girl
Run For Your Life
Hey Baby
Run Run Run
Somebody Give Me a Doctor
She Said No
Make My Day
Coming To Town
Shake It Up
Playing The Game
Erect Me