Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Niverse is a Canadian band truly driven by musical passion. Never to be limited to one style, their music incorporates the softest and hardest aspects of modern rock. Their vision is to never stop creating music; always practicing to perfection and shooting for higher increments of success!


Niverse began forming in 2001, and has evolved significantly since. The band's current line up of two brothers and two good friends was finalized in the summer of 2006, at which point things really started to pick up.

Niverse's music has been recorded by several producers, initially as an experiment, but later in attempts of finding the perfect sound. In August 2007 the band set out to record a top-notch 3-track demo after being introduced to the owner of 199 Studios. The intention was to have a tangible item representing what Niverse actually sounded like as their sound kept improving, as well as to have something that could be presented to the existing fan base in the interest of expanding it.

At the time, 3 other tracks - "Voice In My Head", "Red Sun" and "Guelph" were being developed and had earned enough positive feedback to actually warrant a 6-track "EP" instead.

And so came Niverse's first ever and long-awaited official release in May 2008, "Grow".

Niverse has been influenced by a variety of different artists and genres, with roots in hard rock, punk, and alternative. In their spare time, they might be caught listening to artists like Finger Eleven, Radiohead, Green Day, Death Cab For Cutie, Our Lady Peace, Alexisonfire, Tool, Underoath, and Thrice - to name a few.

Only since 2006 did Niverse have the chance to line up opportunities to play live shows, with more than a full album's worth of various music written. Even early on in their live career, they were awarded 2nd place at a "Band Wars" event hosted at the El Mocambo in March 2007.

They plan on progressing with a series of live shows in 2009 and onward to promote "Grow", while constantly improving and continuously writing. Also planned is the arranging of more exposure through concerts, festivals & contests, as well as many other interesting media projects.


Voice In My Head

Written By: Geoffrey Beard

Baby I often feel down
Heavy it is to wear this crown
It's burning a hole in my head
Steady on - you'll get through,
she said
Somebody start the countdown
The ending is just coming around
The corner to see our faces
It's coming around for me

But I am struggling to find a way through
And all the way you scream for me

Maybe I'll find the answer
Maybe I'll just sit here and wait
The voice in my head is screaming It's trying to make me see

Red Sun

Written By: Geoffrey Beard

I've fallen asleep in a sea
In everything that's meant to be My body is numb, but I can't complain
It's better then enduring the pain
I thought I would know what I'd need to know
To go anywhere I'd need to go
But something inside was clouding my mind
When suddenly everything was clear

'Cause I saw a red sun today Never thought I would hesitate
It was something I'd never seen And something I'd never be

You try to escape, you run and you hide
But nothing betrays you like your mind
And everything seems to come into sight
And damage the shell where they collide
The bottom is deep, the water is cold
And only a fool would go alone
But something inside was coming alive
And suddenly everything was clear


Written By: Brandon Barker & Geoffrey Beard

I walk around you to see you through
To run and hide, I show my pride My feeling's true, but don't lie to you
Show how to feel, this could be real

Please help me
I feel like I'm falling
Down from a dream
This never ends for me
Why can't you see

Everytime I think of her
Always on my mind
I try to hide my feelings for you

When It's You and Me

Written By: Geoffrey Beard

I thought I could be a friend
Stay with you to the end
Never would be afraid
If only you could have stayed
It seemed like the only way
To be with you all the time
Was stand where I couldn't climb Give answers I couldn't find
Missing you...
Take me away with you
It's all that I wanna do
The chemicals running through
Tell me that this is true
'Cause spending my time with
Is something I'll dream again Something I'll think of when You tell me we've hit the end

'Cause when it's you and me
I breathe, I'm free
When it's you I see
I scream, I'm free

I thought I could change the way
I felt for you yesterday
I don't wanna feel the same
I don't wanna feel the pain
But looking into your eyes
Stems what I fail to hide
Something inside my mind Something I've left behind


"Grow" 2008, produced by 199 Studios

Set List

NIVERSE: "Grow", 2008

1. Voice in my Head
2. Red Sun
3. Guelph
4. Dream
5. Way Out
6. When It's You and Me

Cover Titles:

1. Artist: Radiohead
Track: Just

2. Artist: Finger Eleven
Track: Above
Track: Drag You Down

3. Artist: Mute Math
Track: You Are Mine

4. Artist: Bush
Track: Comedown
Track: Machinehead

5. Artist: Blur
Track: Song 2

Sets can vary from approximately 30 minutes to an hour depending.