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Mr. President
"Got Milf" - single
I Can Only Be Me



There seems to be something special about every hip-hop artist born in Brooklyn, NY. The Notorious B.I.G., Fabolous, and Jay-Z are talented products of the borough. Nixon Nyce is no exception. Born Nixon Etienne on December 11th in Coney Island, Nyce was among the greats. Nyce’s relocation to Boston, MA is what brought him closer to hip-hop. Ironically, it would not be an east coast artist that would inspire Nixon (at first). “The first rap CD I ever listened to was Dr. Dre – The Chronic.” “The first rap album I bought was Jermanie Dupri – Life In 1472.” The introduction to west coast rap and southern beats had Nixon lost in a jungle. Turning away from rap, Nyce leaned towards R&B. Nixon followed the likes of Bel Biv Devoe, New Edition, Aaliyah, and many more. The soulful music wouldn’t last long when Nixon discovered a rapper by the name of Ma$e. “I used to memorize his lines and perform for my class in 6th grade.” It was only a matter of time until Nixon Nyce was memorizing his own lines. Performing his first ever sold out show in 2003 to a crowd of 2,000 fans, Nixon Nyce was right at home. Nyce has sold over 10,000 records in a combination of “The Remixtape Series 1-7”, “Reality Broadcast”, and “Mr. President (hosted by DJ Vlad)”. Through trial and error Nixon Nyce became one of Boston’s next major players to watch.

Fast forward today and everyone sounds the same. Behind a dimpled smile the twenty-two year old entertainer is doing just that. Entertaining! A college graduate with a degree in Entertainment Management, Nixon Nyce is no stranger to the music business. The self contained artist does everything with his team. Known for having an ear for beats, Nyce chooses all of his production, records, and mixes all of his songs. His label Corporate Boy Music, which Nyce founded with Mimi Nicosia, handles his marketing, management, and development. While other artists cruise in the right lane, Nixon’s goal has always been to be in a lane furthest away from the average. “The Nixon Administration will handle it, we don’t depend on anyone” is the phrase Nixon lives by. Not shying away from trying new sounds in his music, Nixon Nyce creates music for your entertainment. “I can’t please everyone but if I can evoke an emotion out of you, I’ve done my job.” The lane many artists have shied away from is the lane Nixon Nyce has embraced: Be Yourself.

If there is one term to describe Nixon Nyce it is PRESIDENTIAL. Nothing he does is on a small scale or with fear attached. The young leader is needed in hip-hop. Although criticized for some choices he makes, to understand the man, you must know the story from start to finish. No task is too big or too small yet every task is examined by level of importance. Being a witty gentleman is what separates him from his running mates. In the end he will be elected as your next superstar! “If you listen to your heartbeat it will tell you what you're in the mood for. If you listen to my music it will tell you how to get in mood your heartbeat just told you to be in. My name is Nixon Nyce....and you are?”