Nixx P (El Lobo)

Nixx P (El Lobo)

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Nixx P has managed to blend Reggeaton with hip hop & r&b seamlessly. To top it off he is easily understood speaking SPANglish (spanish & english) throughout. One listen is all it takes...


here's the story that lead me to where I am today....

Chapter 1: Let’s get to work!

I was born on February 17th 1979 to parents who had only been in the United states for a few years. Both my parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic for better work opportunities. I’m not sure if you could call what they found opportunities, but I can tell you they found work (& a lot of it).
Chapter 2: My family inheritance

I seem to have been born to struggle. Imagine struggling for acceptance before you knew what acceptance was. Imagine adults gawking at you like you were famous (thanks to my the birth mark on my neck), but your not, & to make matters worse, your 6.

Chapter 3: Same sh&! (new struggle)

At the same time that I was being introduced to society my best friend/sister introduced me to Hip Hop. I remember the sounds of merengue in one room, and rap in another, while arguments over nothing ensued in the background. Maria (my sister) was 14 at that time, and she had me rapping lyrics from her favorite rapper (now a legend) Kool G Rap. Unfortunately she passed when I was 10, and my way of getting through this, & many things to follow, was to write. It started with poems, but then expanded into almost every form of creative writing that exists. I figured S&%t …it’s all related!

Chapter 5: bad habits/good habits

My writing got me College credits while I hadn’t even graduated from high school. I was already on my 3rd job at that time, and recording my first album, while being enrolled in school full time. I would like to say that it was all the pressure, but that would be a lie. I developed a serious drinking problem by the time I was 21, and my break from school (to drink & make up for the partying I had missed) got longer & longer. I eventually curbed my drinking habit, but not my working & recording habits. Those became the one constant while all sorts of other madness ensued (listen to the music for details.)

Chapter 6: Blue Collar (SHOWTIME!)

I have been a bike messenger, a stock boy, an errand boy, a cashier, a cab driver, and an operator among other things. At the same time that I was working regular jobs I was doing shows, recording songs, battling rappers, and doing street promotions for my own records(Fuck A Demo, 3 Verse Epics, Soldiers’ Apparel.) The industry had me convinced that being unique was a mortal sin. I was truly starting to believe that (Catholic school issues) until I met a man by the name of Tommy Chase Harrell. With Tommy’s assistance I have recorded a fourth album, which is already being played on one of the largest reggaeton online radio stations on the world ( I am working with one of the premier up-and-coming clothing designers (Jomo Kenyatta), and we have come up with a clothing accessory, which may revolutionize the industry. Oh, and I am nearing completion on my second screenplay....

That’s about it (until I think of some more) as it relates to music, Nixx P, & Blue Collar LLC. If ya wanna know more ya gotta get those records!!


Tu Cintura

Written By: Nixx P aka El Lobo

Its the mother of life
The reason God gave eyes
The reason God gave I
The ability to rhyme
The moment I could reason
what I seen pops done
Was follow you
& I assumed, & my assumtion
was that you were my leader
in Catholic school on knees was
Just to better see you
I lust, but this could be love
I may be Prior Richard
& this is my Cocaina (translation:cocaine)
Gonna leave me burnt up
Hope I live to tell you
A joke or two on it
Man your sure to laugh
Car crashes yeah
Beef happened DAMN
MY girl spazzing yeah
just cause I looked there
she said God giveth, Don't make me take player
i'm like, no fair
fall back, pretend to chill
Told my eyes stay there
But they're deaf, I swear
They wander still, I'm Vico C Pineda.
let my eyes tell it, they're wandering

En tu Cintura (translation:on your waist)
I don't need nothing mas (translation:more)
Que tu cintura (than your waist)
I wonder if I could ride
On Tu cintura (translation:on your waist)
I'd hold on for my life to your Cintura (translation: waste)
Can I be the only one!

I know dudes is like Hai TRU (very true)
word Pai (pai is slang for "listen my brother" in spanish)
That shit makes me weak yo le llamo (translation: I call it) Kryptonite
something so thick, could fill up a night
could eclipse the sun
Yo -whats the time?
oh shit, I gots to go
Girl you hid my drawers?
you know I can't stay, your shits potent
ching a ching (bit by bit)
can only take a bit
ass like Cali Cush
she moves like a snake
I stay put like I'm bit...
The poison starts spreading
speach starts slurring
girl what happened, you took my mind &
chopped & screwed it...dippin on 44's
inches it goes round..Bitch! let me out
I aint from the south, but I'll go there
heard they cook you finna share?
this is computer love hard ware to soft ware
her page on the web, 3 dubs ta te (be) yeah



97 F A Demo
99 III Verse Epics
2002 Soldiers' Apparel
2004Hijo De Soldado

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