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"Top 30 for 2006"

11. I Love The Way, Niyorah
12. Mahogany Road, Abja
24. Nothing To Prove, Niyorah
25. Before I Lose My Strength, Midnite Band

- WSTX 100.3 FM, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

"Tuesday September 26, 2006"

NiyoRah is a reggae artist in his twenties coming straight outta Dominica. He was raised on a steady diet of roots reggae greats, from Robert Nesta Marley to Burning Spear. His understanding of the rhythmic dynamics of roots reggae and the spiritual drive underneath it - is on fine display on this track, “Nothing to Prove,” our free Single of the Week - US: Nothing to Prove by NiyoRah

"A Different Age (I Grade, 2005)"

NiyoRah is an up-and-coming Dominican-born, St. Thomas-raised artist who you may have heard as part of the Star Lion Family (heard on the compilation Talkin' Roots Volume 1, amongst other albums). He stands out from the mass of sing-jays out there with not only his expressive vocals, but also his ability to sing, chat, and even rap a bit (Purists should know that the rapping is kept to a minimum, though.). His lyrics are likewise unique and insightful, as on his scathing attack on school menus in "Clowns Around Us":
First, look at what dem a feed the little youths dem inna school:
Pizza, cow milk, and the old can food,
Can tuna, can beef, can chicken soup,
That is why dem operate with can attitude.
What mek dem wonder why the younger youths rude?
Candy made available fi put dem inna mood.
Or his racially charged dedication to the prison population on "Concrete Jail Cell": "Down, somebody's down in the concrete jail cell / And nobody gives a damn 'cause most of them are black." The music largely comes courtesy of I Grade veterans Tippy Alfred, Kenyatta Itola, and Tuff Lion, so you know the sound is tight, funky, and adventurous. Those of you who've heard other I Grade albums like Midnite's Let Live and Ancient King's Conquering Sound should even recognize a few of these hard-hitting rhythms. The overall sound is one of the most seamless blends of reggae and hip-hop/R&B I've heard, as tracks like "Clowns Around Us," "R.O.C.K.," "Sandy Weekend," and "Black Smokey Mountains" attest. Still, the more straightforward roots jams -- like "Angry Mother Nature," "Fullest Confidence," "Thinking About My Life," and "Concrete Jail Cell" -- still form the backbone of this stellar debut. - The Boot Box, Aug. 2005 by Ted "The Boot" Boothroyd

"Purification Session (I Grade, 2006)"

NiyoRah returns with righteousness and conscious messages, delivered with a youthful exuberance and confidence exemplified by the title of the opening track, "Nothing to Prove." Despite a relatively adolescent tone to his voice and several bouncy, danceable tracks, this album flaunts an unwavering militancy. Check out this line from "How It Is": "By any means, I will defend the poor. / I will shoot a wicked man and close the coffin door." Indeed, the name Purification Session is appropriate, as the sing-jay seeks to cleanse wickedness with a scorched earth policy. "Kick Up" and a pair of edgy duets -- the fierce funk of "Lion Have Man" (featuring Midnite's Vaughn Benjamin) and the bass-driven "African Chant" (with Pressure) -- get the blood flowing with pounding beats and messages of racial pride and social justice, but even more relaxed tunes like "Globe All Warning," "We Shall See," and "Defend" deliver potent lyrics that belie their mellow musical flow. And for those of you who don't like 'em, as he states in "Defend," "If the fire's too hot for you, stay out of the kitchen." The music, as to be expected from I Grade, is top-notch, primarily funky one-drop grooves with the occasional hip-hop or soul-inclined jam, making Purification Session a powerful statement and a step up from NiyoRah's already solid debut. - The Boot Box

"Stolen Scrolls Press Release"

Contact: I Grade Records

Stolen Scrolls Mixtape CD is Now Available World-wide

Christiansted, St. Croix – September 1, 2007 – The newest release from I Grade Records, Stolen Scrolls Mixtape, is a collaborative project joining the forces of NiyoRah, I Grade Records & DJ Child of Project Groundation Massive (PGM). Stolen Scrolls spans NiyoRah's dense catalogue of music recorded for I Grade, while flipping the format into a groundbreaking concept: an official mixtape as a legitimate album.

Since arriving on the scene in 2002, NiyoRah has been bringing his musical messages to the world. He was originally co-founder and member of the innovative Star Lion Family. His debut CD, A Different Age, was released in 2005; followed by Purification Session in 2006. His pleasant, harmonious vocals span a complete range from deejaying, rapping, and chanting to pure singing. His lyrics reflect his life experiences, his appreciation of African womanhood, respect for nature and his Rastafari way of life.

NiyoRah’s releases are produced for the I Grade Record label, one of the leading studios in St. Croix. I Grade is well-known and respected for the way they blend old school reggae with fresh, jazzy and Hip Hop overtones while maintaining the foundation of roots and culture music. DJ Child, founder of PGM, is based out of Oakland, California. His award winning mixtapes have included the voices of all the big name reggae artists from Sizzla Kalonji to the whole Virgin Island crew. His innovative efforts have won him best mixtape in 2006 from Riddim Magazine with PGM Vol. 21. Stolen Scrolls is a special amalgamation of talents!

Reggae music fans get a blend of the DJ world and the studio cuts with Stolen Scrolls. This release showcases the diverse production of Tippy and the I Grade family (Zion High Productions, Lustre Kings Productions, Downbeat Collective & others), as well as prolific remix talent of DJ Child. Stolen Scrolls Mixtape pushes innovation within the industry to another level. This CD is a journey through the life and mind of NiyoRah -- Raw & Unfiltered. It is filled with reasonments, remixes, interludes & brand new exclusive tracks. It is sure to please the ears of NiyoRah fans, Project Groundation Massive, and I Grade St. Croix aficionados.

Stolen Scrolls is now available at or as well as,, iTunes and local stores globally. For a free listen of a track from Stolen Scrolls check out

For more information visit:
Or contact: or 646.226.1738
- Rastafari Presents


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Stolen Scrolls Mixtape, 2007
Purification Session, 2006
Red Razor, Riddim Segment CD (Various Artists)
New Day, Riddim Segment CD (Various Artists)
A Different Age
Brighter Days by Star Lion Family



At age 18, NiyoRah decided to pursue a career in reggae music. “Reggae had one of the greatest influences on my life. It’s the type of music I cling to for some mystical reason,” he says. “The most high guided me more than me myself.” He took on the name NiyoRah - a combination of his nickname growing up and out of respect for the omnipotent power of the sun. Music was a natural career choice because of his musically gifted family. His grandfather is an award-winning vocalist who sings Negro spirituals and gospel, while his aunt, Ophelia Olivacce Marie, is an international French-speaking artist heralded as “Dominica’s Songbird” for her style of cadence and calypso.
In 1998, he was introduced by local reggae radio personality Ras Manny to Black Juice Records, a Virgin Islands-based recording company. He joined with six other reggae artists under the company to co-found Star Lion Family. His voice can be heard on Star Lion Family’s EP Brighter Days released in November 2003. NiyoRah’s songs delve into a wide range of issues, including cultural living, love for nature, strengthening of all peoples, especially Africans, and spiritual growth.
In concert, NiyoRah has performed in front of thousands, sharing the same stage with artists such as Sizzla, Capleton, Junior Reid, Buju Banton, Bunny Wailer, Glen Washington, Eve of Rough Riders, Midnite Band, Dezarie and Junior Kelly. This past summer of 2007, NiyoRah performed at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. He is touring consistently.
NiyoRah’s debut solo album – A Different Age - was released in May 2005 on I Grade Records to much critical acclaim and praises. His sophmore album - Purification Session - is now available...check out! For product information, booking information, or for interviews or dubplate requests, contact: Ras Al Turner with Ambassa Inc. at 505.757.3574
Sound samples can be found online at,,,, and Additional contact: or 646.226.1738