The UK’s most exciting live acoustic act. Song writing and vocals to die for, and a live performance like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Trust me!


"One double-bass and a vocal beat-box, one guitar and a celestial voice: it's rawmusic in a clearing of togetherness, a gathering of musical animism in a spirit of freedom and joy. I'd like to call it a curry of folk-hip-hop-anti-folk-double-de-caf-house music, but it's not until you open your heart with your ears that you really dig what they're up to. Example: there was a moment, mid-gig, when the guys stepped into the crowd and played so pure an acoustic juncture that they were being lead by the people's breathing and finger-clicking. Breaking down the barriers is just one of the many ideas behind this act's government. It was a post-modern-snap-crackle-pop-annunciation-scene, no it wasn't, it was a spark of electricity that brokered a unique connection between act and environment... perhaps, but it manifested into a communion with the assembly to the point that after the word got around the crowd doubled in size: we were fifty strong for the opening ballad - for the last dance -songs more than a century of folk made up what could only be called the luminary rejoicings.

When were you in a gig last where the people smiled so broad that the reflection from their teeth contributed to the acoustics?... it was as if you and everyone around you were part of the act. This is the democracy of nizlopi.

Normally you like to keep quiet about something special, contain the secret, perhaps only whisper it to yourself in fear of altering that which is delicate... but these boys have a robust edge to their elegance and subtlety, they can withstand any assemblage of phrases from your personal lexis: grab some air and shout about it, pass the word. all those that care about music...raise your arms, give it up, join the people's republic of nizlopi!"

"Different and very clever"

“monstrously melodic…absolutely mesmerising” Musicweek

“Nizlopi are the real thing: a two man folk hip-hip band here to spread the love and bring everybody’s inner child out to play”
The Guardian

“From start to finish, Nizlopi involved the crowd like no other. If you didn’t get stuck into at least one harmony then you looked odd.”
The Sun



Looking For Answers [mini tour CD] released 7th Oct 2008 on FDM Records.

Make it Happen [CD Album], released 31st March 2008 on FDM Records.

'ExtraOrdinary' (Mini-Album) was released on FDM Records on 4th September 2006.

'Girls' (Single) was released on FDM Records on 3rd April 2006.

'JCB Song' [debut Number 1 Single!] was released on FDM records on 12th December 2005.
Sales in excess of 500 000

'Half These Songs Are About You' (Album) was released on FDM Records 27th November 2005.
Sales in excess of 100 000

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Set List

A short list of Original Songs.

Start Beginning.
Fine Story.
Call it Up.
Long Distance Love.
Wash Away.
Intro Song.
Sorry (I just dropped your heart.)
Love Rage On.
I Love You.
Without You.
Feel Inside.
All My Life

Last Nights on Tour Ltd Edition Tour CD
England Uprise [Bhangra remi
Feel Inside [remix]
Drop Your Guard [remix]