Checkout the new pop r&b remedy to this industry. These boys are ready to show the world real music..... It's time for real music!


NJ5ive is made up of five young men who hail from the streets of Paterson, New Jersey and Harlem, New York. Each one of these boys is a superstar in his own right, however Destyn, G, Sha-D, Kyree and Qua decided years ago to combine forces to create a group that redefines the term “boy band.”

What they have is so much more than heart wrenching vocals, crazy dance moves and undeniable swagger. What truly sets NJ5ive apart is the passion that each one of them carries. This is what gives listeners a certain bone-chilling excitement when going
through the NJ5ive experience.

NJ5ive brings a high definition sound, look, and feel to a music industry that has gotten used to pumping out music that keeps the status quo. To describe NJ5ive as phenomenal would be an understatement. There have been few moments throughout history when the world experiences music from artists that is both great and rare.

There is no doubt that NJ5ive is that NEXT BIG THING!!

Set List

Typical set list includes:
Rock'n Ma Chain
Against the World
It Was Me

Cover Song:
When You Look Me in the Eyes (Jonas Brothers)

Sets are usually 20 minutes long