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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band R&B Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




When we first heard NJOMZA, my esteemed colleague Constant Gardner was singing the praises of her woozily erotic “High.” Some four months later, the singer has rolled out her debut mixtape, GOLD LION.

NJOMZA’s alluring performances and a cohesive, moody collection of beats (primarily from Chicago production team THEMpeople) make for an impressive debut statement, a set that careens through love and lust, sonically tracking the thin line between agony and ecstasy. It’s imperfect–perhaps a bit overlong for this particular sound, a fact highlighted when you hold GOLD LION up against a close comparison like any one of the The Weeknd’s trilogy of mixtapes–but its best moments suggest a promising talent that fits nicely in the current landscape of R&B and the darkest corners of pop. - Pigeons and Planes - Jon Tanners

"Njomza - Gold Lion (Mixtape)"

Rising Chicago singer Njomza presents her new mixtape that dropped earlier this week. Promisingly titled Gold Lion, the projects matches her soulful vocals with eerie, spacey production palette composed by the likes of Elschmitty, THEMpeople, Christo, Mac Miller aka Larry Fisherman and more. Yes, indeed. This is seductive mood music that accompanies the listener to a different space, reminiscent of The Weeknd's already timeless House of Balloons offering. After listening to the opus below, it becomes clear why Mac Miller signed this talent to his Most Dope label. Enjoy! - HypeTrak - Petar Kujundzic

"New Band of the Day - Njomza"

Chicago signee to Mac Miller's label makes purple-drank R&B ballad of the season

We thought it made sense to end the year at New Band of the Day with a record that sums up everything we've liked over the last 12 months. Njomza's High is a ballad that could if you gave it a cursory listen be described as "smooth" or "chilled". Closer inspection reveals it to be part of that new wave of slow-motion, chopped and screwed soul that suggests a torpor that comes from the imbibing of certain medicinal opiates. It is a thing of intoxicating beauty, not to mention a showcase for the sort of studio-perfected Auto-Tuned vocals that flip the bird to the Autocue reality TV brigade with their "authentic" shrieking.

The lyrics that allude teasingly to sex are classic quiet storm/slow jam tropes while the purple production, courtesy of Mr Music, all dank spaces evoking sad isolation, percussive detonations and chipmunk squeaks, are pure Drake/Weeknd. High is one of the best examples of its enervated R&B kind since Syd tha Kyd went AWOL from Odd Future to make Flashlight.

Only 18, Njomza (pronounced "Nee-yom-za" – it means "youth" in Albanian, apparently) has just signed to rapper Mac Miller's Most Dope label and High is her first release, lifted from her imminent mixtape, Gold Lion. There are other tracks by her, here and there, online, such as her demo Hello May that she worked on with her producer friend Jonny Mendez, which sounds less hazy and queasy and suggests Njomza has one eye on a more conventional entertainment career – it's like a Taylor Swift song with eerie, spacey production. There's a track called Someone Like You that sounds less like Adele's song than it does the Weeknd's Rolling Stone. Whatever, it's gorgeous. Elsewhere there is a feature on a Banks tune called Take Me and a YouTube cover of Drake's Take Care ft Rihanna that had most viewers contemplating her cleavage when really they should have been focusing on her vocals and her general aesthetic, which posits Njomza as a post-Brainfeeder balladeer, Miley Cyrus meets Flying Lotus. And you can quote us on that, or put it on your mixtape.

The buzz: "High is replete with sexy, gorgeous melodies and has a trippy, purp-drank instrumental."

The truth: High will make you giddy.

Most likely to: Duet with Syd tha Kyd.

Least likely to: Duet with Sid the Sexist.

What to buy: The Gold Lion EP is released in the New Year.

File next to: Syd tha Kyd, Adele, the Weeknd, Miley Cyrus.

Links: facebook.com/NJOMZAmusic. - The Guardian UK - Paul Lester


Gold Lion - April 2013



When you wake up each day knowing exactly what you want to do and you have ability to do it, it comes as little surprise when the gears start turning and you end up on the journey you always dreamed of.

I" was always very ambitious growing up, so every time something happens I'm like 'yep, that was supposed to happen!"

Cool and playfully confident, Chicago singer NJOMZA's blend of pop, hip-hop, and R&B has launched her from humble beginnings the stuff of modern music lore: a false start in a rock band, a slew of YouTube covers to heights she always hoped to reach.

"Music has never brought any negativity towards my life. Meeting artists that I used to listen to is really cool people like Earl Sweatshirt, Mac. I used to listen to them all the time and now I'll be in the studio with them, it's crazy."

A dream without execution is a mirage, a notion that seems to drive NJOMZA on a daily basis. Music accompanies her every move.

"First thing I do when I wake up? I jam out. I listen to music while I get ready. I try to be in the studio as much as possible. Whenever I'm home in Chicago, I'm always trying to go to the studio any studio I can get into. If I'm at home, I'm writing."

An eclectic musical upbringing that bounced her between Christina Aguilera, Janis Joplin, and her older sister's R&B collection, NJOMZA has landed on a sound that blends her influences with her own sultry aura.Each day NJOMZA comes closer to creating the world she wishes to inhabit, surrounding herself with music and creativity in an effort to make childhood dreams into reality. 

"The new album is definitely more eerie, I don't sing about love as much. It's more introspective."

The deeper she dives into her own mind, the nearer she brings her listeners to the freedom she seeks: Liberation through creation.-- 

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