San Francisco, California, USA
BandHip Hop

We’re unique because we’re Japanese and have both Japanese and American music influences. We pride ourselves on our lyrics and rhyming, which are our main focuses when making songs. We enjoy making intelligent music, but can make songs ranging from Dance/Club music to deeper, more meaningful music.


Robert Myers (Flow Zen) and Aki Shimo (Kuga) have always had a love and an appreciation for hip-hop, and more specifically, the lyrics and rhyming skills of emcees. The two met through DJing in 6th grade while growing up in San Francisco, CA, became good friends, and continued to DJ until the end of high school. Rob is half Japanese and half white, and Aki is full Japanese, and once they graduated from high school, Aki went to a college in Japan, but Rob went to a school in California. During the summer before Aki left, the two decided to try out the Emcee side of hip-hop and recorded some tracks while on a trip in Japan. Rob had been writing flows since around 6th grade, and Aki had started more recently. After the first album, they knew that this what they wanted to pursue.

Rob and Aki can use both English and Japanese in their songs, but usually use English, unless they are making a song to be released in Japan, because it is their first language. They bring a unique style to the US and Japan because of their wide range of influences from both countries. They incorporate elements of Japanese culture and Japanese hip-hop into otherwise American-style hip-hop in some of their music, which brings a different flavor to the hip-hop scene in the US. While in Japan they got to work with a few people, including Remi Desroques and his Wavereader Productions, and the management company, Zodia'c International, who said that the rhythm and flow of their words is like that of Japanese rappers, but what makes them unique is that they can do that with English as well as Japanese. They pride themselves on their rhyming and lyrics, which cover diverse topics ranging from upbeat dance songs to serious, more meaningful songs.

While in Japan they have performed at clubs around Tokyo, including Vuenos, Club Asia P, Club Axxcis, Club Hazard, Amate-Raxi and Studio NOV, among others.


From the Bay to the J - LP, December 2009 - streaming on soundclick.com

Back to Square One - Double LP, June 2010

Set List

Two microphones
Mixing board