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Hip-Hop music reborn from the minds of to of the most eclectic up and coming artist.Moruf & OGM aka Darth Vader 2 members of the"NJ Street Klan" collective.Rhyming over different genres of music make it difficult at times to put these artist into a category.What isn't difficult is to love their art.


NJ Street Klan is a collective of individuals, who are all from New Jersey, have taken a step forward in the evolution of music, with a positive "live free" ideal. Jersey Klan, which it is also known as, has brought a new spin to the “Hip Hop culture” by creating a new lane that embodies positivity, fun and individuality. The Jersey Klan’s tribe consist 5 core members, two of which are Hip-Hop artists, Jean Lebrun "OGM" & Moruf Adewunmi “Moruf (Mo-roof) ”.The NJ Street Klan collective has created events of all sorts from the hard core punk hip hop mash ups to art exhibitions. There is nothing taboo when it comes to expressing themselves in all outlets or genres. Aside from that they currently lead the pack w/Hoddy, the Young Jedi following up from BASEVILLE


Moruf-"Garden State of Mind Prelude"

Moruf-Garden State of Mind “Ready to Live”

the O.G.M-“No Faces” mixtape

the O.G.M.- K.K.K (Kool Kidz of Kolor)

theOGM as DarthVador - NOFaces: Neon Black