nka musica

nka musica


NKA musica is a 16 piece band from dr congo based in london. the type of music we play is salsa,rumba and soukous,very upbeat, high tempo carnaval like. The sexy dancers will show you how to work your hipps and the music will make you sweat!


Our music comes from democratic republic of congo playing rumba, soukous and salsa.
nka musica has been performing in london for the last 12 years.
Gordon Masiala the band leader and lead vocalist has been a proffessional singer for over 22 years and has toured all over africa and europe with his bands.
for the last 18 months the peroxide haired Gordon Masiala and his band nka musica has been on top where african music is concerned.
Gordon Masiala is also well known for dressing up in designer gear like yoji yamamoto male skirt. the evening standard news paper quoted at the prada gigg in london "he's the man who would go all the way to japan to purchase expensive designer garments"
nka musica is not only presenting their music but also their uniqueness in everything concerning music,fashion and dance.


2 albums and Hiroshima my first single
was nominndated the best single of the year 1996
by maisha congo press the same year it was

Set List

Typical set list is about 12 and each song is
atleast 15 minutes long.