Nick Kraus & His Austin Torpedoes

Nick Kraus & His Austin Torpedoes


Nick & His Torpedoes are either an alt-country band that plays rock or a rock band that plays alt-country. Nick's vocals are backed by his wife Kayt, emulating Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris or June & Johnny Cash. Their set is as much acoustic 2-step as it is electric roadhouse blues rock.


Nick Kraus is a gifted singer-songwriter who has been filling the bars and honky-tonks of Central Texas with his unique blend of alt-country rock for the past four years. He is backed on vocals and bass by his wife Kayt. The duo originally met while Nick was playing guitar in an instrumental trash-rock band for the now defunct Kalamazoo Precinct of Women Wrestlers (KPOWW). Together they moved to Boston. where they founded the still strong Boston League of Women Wrestlers (BLOWW) while Nick attended Berklee College of Music. In 2005, they decided to leave cold weather and their punk rock roots behind and head to Texas, where Nick Kraus and his Austin Torpedoes was born.
Dixie Yoder joined the band in 2007, adding her exceptional violin skills to emulate Nick's poignant lyrics.
...the tragic tale of kim & polly jean, the bands first full length album engineered and produced by Ted Roberson (Brandi Carlile, Bob Schneider), was released in 2008, with a handful of special guest musicians.
After the completion of the album, Bobby Bang (Mike & the Moonpies, the Dirty Sound) completed the band as a permanent drummer. Since then they have toured the south-west United States while still finding time to lay down their second full-length album, Long-Winding Stretches, due out soon.
They love to play anywhere and everywhere.


"...the tragic tale of Kim & Polly Jean" -full length debut, 2008.
Recorded at Matchbox Studios, Austin TX.
Produced and Engineered by Ted Roberson (Brandi Carlile, Bob Schneider). Guest keyboards by Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev), drums by Dwight Baker(Heart), and lap steel by Mike Harmeier (Mike and the Moonpies).

-11 of the 12 songs have had radio play on Texas stations like KOOP in Austin and KPFT in Houston, and as distant as WIDR in Kalamazoo, MI and Boot Liquor Internet Radio on Soma FM.

The 3 most frequently played singles are "27", "Medical Student", and "S.L.".

Set List

1 hour set:

2.Dying's More Common
3.Cautious Steps
4.Kim & Polly
6.It's In the Night
7.Enough to do the Rest
10.(I) Just Don't know
11. El Diablo
12. S.L.

2 Hour set:

1.Makes a Man Sin
2.Country Songs
3.Lost Highway (Cover)
4.If I Had it My Way
5.You Were Young
7.Cautious Steps
8.Girl, Come Home
9.Medical Student
10.Where you Came From
12.Bring Any Worse
13.Jackson (Cover)
14.Long-Winding Stetches
15.Pancho and Lefty (Cover)
17.Its in the Night
19.Kim & Polly
21.Dying's More Common
22.(I) Just Don't Know
23. El Diablo
24. S.L.

3 hour set:

2.Long-Winding Stretches
3.Makes a Man Sin
4.Country Songs
5. Lost Highway (Cover)
6.Dying's More Common
7.Cautious Steps
8.Kim & Polly
10.Even if You Aint
11.Talkin' to Me
12.Johnny Come Lately (Cover)
13. Tonight
14.Girl, Come Home
15.Clear as Can Be
16.Where You Came From