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Muncie, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | INDIE

Muncie, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Hip Hop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Support art article"

When good things, or those odd coincidences happen we believe the stars align. In late 2018 we saw a new clothing brand with top tier quality begin to rise known as No Rivals, along with a services hub known as th3 mind. We didn't think much past, "whatever they are doing, they're doing it right..". 2019 only saw both platforms grow, and it also showed how closely the two brands/platforms are worked together. We got a chance to set down with Jae Jiggy, the man behind No Rivals, to ask some questions. The craziest part is No Rivals is based out of Muncie, Indiana which is also the hometown of our CEO. Our CEO has been in the Houston area almost 4 years now, and locations were not known until after they had begun networking. B-L1FE is now a brand ambassador for No Rivals. So if you love what you read and like what you see, use discount code "bl1fe" at checkout for 15% off your No Rivals order.

Q:What were the starting points, and where are the roots of No Rivals initially from?

A: "Our team members were born and raised in Muncie, Indiana just like B-L1FE. Growing up being told the area, Muncie or the Midwest in general, was no good for creatives really sparked a desire within us. We wanted to turn that misconception around."

Q: What inspired the name No Rival and the grunge feel associated with the merchandise?

A: "No Rivals is a lifestyle of living with no enemies; living to your fullest potential by competing only against who you were the day before. A quote we standby and strive to live by each each day is, 'focused on my inner me no more enemies'. As far as the feel, we take influence from grunge rock, hip hop, street, skate, and hoop culture. It all blends into what you see in our pieces. It is an artistic blending of worlds in a way."

Q: With a decent amount of successful launches behind you, how big is the upcoming launch?

A: "It is big..23 pieces consisting of 6 1:1 pieces, 2 'GAME 7' pieces, 7 'HEAT OF SUMMER' movement pieces, and 10 accessories. If you do the math the numbers arent equal, but some of the movement pieces are also in the accessories category for our shoppers."

Q: For our readers, can you explain some of the above mentioned collections?

A: "Each collection we release consists of three parts. The first part is the movement pieces with seasonal designs and low costs for people that want to support the No Rivals movement, but dont necessarily have a lot of disposable income. The next part is the seasonal capsule which are pieces that are typically higher quality and higher end fashion like our hand cut & sewn basketball shorts and striped tees we released for this summer that have their own theme. For that theme it was titled 'GAME 7'. Lastly, is our 1 of 1's. Unique reworked vintage clothing turned into pieces of wearable art."

B-L1FE recently posted a picture on Twitter and Instagram rocking a 1 of 1 hat.

Q: When will you guys be having another launch?

A: "Our fall collection is slated to drop on the 15th of September so not very far from now."

Q: What are your future goals and what current affiliations do you already have brand wise?

A: "Our goal for the remainder of the year is to continue to grow our team and spread the movement. We also want to impact and help as many creatives as we can along the way. We also want to continue our cohesive services and events with th3 mind to provide exposure to creatives, and to create a community within the creative underground."

Q; For those who didn't know and didn't read it at the start of this article, who is the mastermind behind this brand and the sister brand th3 mind?

A: "Jaelin is the name. Most just call me Jae Jiggy."

Q: What inspired the rugged feel of the clothing line, and what other services do you guys offer with th3 mind?

A: "All of us have always been a fan of clothing and items with character, vintage pieces with a story to them. A lot of the pieces we use have been revived by hand to be in prime condition again. The feel and look expresses a rugged soul with its own story. 1 of 1's are inspired by the people that have been through hell and came back, scars and all. As far as services that we offer through our partner th3 mind include: merchandise creation for all creative types, music festivals, art installations, vinyl records, and more. We also offer photography and modeling for other brands looking to get professional level marketing."

Q: What fellow brands would you refer clients to and feel safe doing so considering how important good business is to a brand's reputation?

A: "A lot of our referrals are within th3 mind's collective umbrella such as WEAR Clothing, DEADMANJAY and his art, & JonJonOnTV. However, we do have budding relationships with brands like you all here at SupportArt, and MEDITATED MERCH that thanks to networking we've recently been involved with."

Q: Anything you would like to add to conclude your interview with SupportArt?

A: "I would just like to thank you guys for having us and for supporting the movement. Stay tuned for huge things coming all year." - Support Art

"Hue Mag Article"

What are your responsibilities/ role in this business? Jaelin is the owner of No Rivals, the clothing line. "I do all the event planning, business stuff." No Rivals is a clothing brand and the idea behind that is to celebrate the people living the creative lifestyles. They provide networking and resources because the owner feels like we were put on this earth to help people express themselves. In addition to his design career he also acts as a stylist for local photographers, and offer styling & photography for other brands to create their marketing campaigns.

What made you decide to start a clothing line? " I've always wanted a way to express myself and I wasn't blessed with musical talent, but I have an eye for fashion. I began designing around the age of 10 when I would sketch out prototype sneakers and concept apparel. The early love for fashion and sneakers led into a short stint in reselling luxury apparel- that is until I began to create my own personal clothing pieces. Right now we're a little over a year into business. I actually make my own clothes. The 1 of 1 clothes are repurposed." He will get a vintage item then repaint it or sew something on. The Movement piece's focuses on focusing on yourself to better yourself. Each tee is hand printed/sewn for each customer and made from recycled material.

No Rival services the mind. They are starting promo packages. No Rivals is focused on services that can boost all creatives income. On their site they have the different packages available and what it can do for the specific individual. There is a form to fill out if you feel that you need these services. No Rivals goal is to build up the platform to reach new creatives, pushing positive self image and expression. Free Minds goal is similar to No Rivals; to reach as many creatives as possible and give them access to networking and resources. In the future, the business is going to provide clients access to other artists for collaborations. For those who may be confused: No Rivals is a clothing line and The Mind is a creative collective.

A fun fact is that No Rivals is environmentally friendly. The pieces are made from upcycled or recycled plastic. Its helping the environment which everyone needs to do more. According to Jaelin,"We're actually working with some featured artists. We'll be making a small collections for him or her in the wintertime and decals that are inspired from the artist." The company does help the community. "So, we are currently in the process of starting an anti littering campaign that will run in 2020 and we donate money." Remember to Remember is an alzheimers awareness charity which focuses on Christmas gifts. Jaelin has thrown local shows and the money is given back to the venue so people in the future can perform for free or at a discounted rate.

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring creatives? Do them. A lot of creatives will try to copy what they've seen work. Your favorites didn't become your favorites by copying. They did it be creating what was meant for them to create. Consistency is the key difference between people who succeed and people who end up failing.

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