Danny Sylvestre

Danny Sylvestre

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

My life has been like a country song. I started singing at age two & by the time I was eight I was writing my own songs.I was singing in bars before I was old enough to be in them.When my daughter was born with a disability I gave up my music aspirations to concentrate on being a freelance construction worker.Working in construction is tough for someone with two destroyed knees and I’ve been forced to move my family wherever work could be found.Fifteen years later I’m now creating music again.


As with most true singer/songwriters, nobody has ever accused Danny of choosing the path of least resistance.

Whether centre stage, or centre ring, he can stand toe-to-toe with anyone. His presence is tangible. His voice - powerful!

His music, a marriage of country and rock - a down home attitude colliding head-on with a passionate, rebellious beat.

Born in Quebec, Canada, Danny was singing Blue Suede Shoes at age two. By seven, he was starring in school musicals. An ardent John Fogerty devotee, Danny was picking CCR tunes at eight and writing his own compositions by ten.

Danny has been a mainstay of his local music scene since 1998, performing in both rock and country venues.

When he's not at a gig, or at a construction site, you might find him training for an upcoming boxing match. In 2005, Danny won a gold medal in the Quebec Silver Gloves Championship.

Danny released a single called Twenty Words in 2007 that contained three songs.

One of the songs from Twenty Words, Wasting Time, was featured in the Contender Asia reality show, where Danny's youngest brother, Alain, was a contestant, representing as one of the top rated professional Muay Thai fighters in the world. A second song, Love TKO, was played in Las Vegas during Alain's North American professional debut.

Danny's second venture into the world of professional recordings is Crossover Life. A mix of styles and content that reflect his dynamic life.


His latest single, “Tailgate Songs”, was well received in Nashville, where interested parties nominated it in 2015 for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards where it was listed in the first round under Category 26 Best Country Solo Performance for new vocal or instrumental solo country recordings.

 "I've always loved to perform", says Danny, "but now I want to sing my own songs. Everyone has something to say, I just had a little trouble sharing it. Now, I'm comfortable enough to take the next step. It's time to walk out on the big stage."





Cougar at the Bar

Written By: Danny Sylvestre and Shawn Kelly

Cougar at the Bar

Lord, it's crowded here tonight...
all the young studs at the tables have been glancin' up her way
probably workin' up the nerve to approach her with their play
but the game she's playing won't be based on what they say
‘cause conversation's moot if you never planned to stay...


there's a cougar at the bar
smile gleamin' like a star
it's her night on the town
in her little black gown
now anyone can see
she's just tryin' to break free
someone's little country wife
lookin' for that little taste - of a rock and roll life

she could be starving for attention - I may have this whole thing wrong
but the way that she's lookin' I won't be wonderin' long
‘cause the boys are waiting for their moment - maybe waiting for their song
things are heatin' up as the competition’s getting strong...


well, if curiosity's a killer, then I must be half dead
I'm just dying to find out what goes on inside her head

is she really here to find a guy to hop into her bed

or is she livin’ some sad story that brings her here instead…


suddenly she turns and I’m staring at an angel’s face

and she’s gliding ‘cross the room in her little black lace
“I’ve been looking for you since I walked in this place

put your glasses on and give your wife a kiss”…

yah, there's a fox at the bar
smile gleamin' like a star
it's her night on the town
in her little black gown
now anyone can see
she's not tryin' to break free
she’s my little country wife
livin' a rock and roll life


Crossover Life CD - release full CD (17 songs)

Twenty Words CD - Demo (3 songs)
Les Artistes de Chez Nous CD - release full CD with 18 artists


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"We may not be the biggest; or, the baddest; or, even the loudest. But, we hope to be one of the most memorable. We play Rock. Old-fashioned, foot-thumping, soul-searching, eighties style Rock.

The kind of songs that we hope will still be played thirty or forty years from now, just as the icons are still played today. We don’t give a damn about our hair; we don’t dance suggestively, and we’re not here to revitalize the spandex industry. If you give us a chance, we’ll give you something to tweet about."