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If you believe

Written By: Armando

verse 1
Hey tell me what's going on you wanna live me
and you dont wanna say now
hey it isn't over yet, it isn't finished
I know that we can work it out and
If you believe that we're gonna make it
then you will realize, that
if we just can be a little more patiant
with each other babe
/we're gonna make it/2x through
chorus 2
And if you believe in the name of our love
is all you've got to do
if you believe we can move the mountains
we're gonna do that too.
verse 2
Hey lets give it one more chance, lets try to fix it
I dont want to let it die
hey there is no time to lose, lay down your pride now
you know I'm gonna do it too
I cannot see my self living without you
I cannot see myself eating without you
I cannot see my self sleeping without you
I cannot see my self loving without you