NO ONE ZERO is a compilation of hard aggressive riffs with great melodies and enough hook to go wherever we want within the Rock/Hard Rock genre. We are a determined group that is willing to go wherever and do whatever it takes to get our message heard.


Forming in 2006 the Indianapolis, IN band No One Zero is the clear definition of hard work.
With influences ranging from Alice in Chains to Led Zeppelin and a little of everything in between.
The bands style, although distinctively it’s own, has been compared to Chevelle, Godsmack, Alterbridge and many others in the rock/hard rock genre.
In this 4 piece band your instantly drawn to the thought provoking lyrics and stylistic vocals of Mike Gerdts, the intricate and detailed playing of guitarist W.J. Adams and bassist Brandon Puckett or the time sonic beats of percussionist Matt Holsclaw.
After 3 years of pounding the local and regional club circuit and logging in over 300 shows, the result of hard work paid off with a large loyal fan base and a reputation of being a band that delivers every time.
In 2008 the self-titled debut CD was released locally and shared with over 3,000 in circulation and the bands relentless promotion and intense live shows have set the standard high for others to follow.
In 2009 there was no signs of this machine slowing down and resulted in sharing stages and bills with national recording artists such as Chevelle, Janus, Aranda, Tantric, Pop Evil, The Trews, Flaw,
Primer 55, Cavo and Rev. Theory.
As they go into 2010 the recording for the highly anticipated sophomore effort has begun and a spring release is expected. With an already exciting 2010 show schedule developing, including shows with more national acts, the band feels that there is no goal that they can not and will not achieve.


Be With You

Written By: Michael Gerdts, NO ONE ZERO

"Be with you"

It was a cool spring day when you were introduced to me
I was so overwhelmed with joy that i could barely speak
Suddenly a tear came to my Eye----
as you were starting to cry

I think to myself oh god what can I do
to protect you from the evil and from the cruel
I Sit alone at night
Rack my brain till i get uptight

I wanna be with you
your the sun that lights my day
I wanna be with you
in every single way
I wanna be with you
your the star that guides my life
I wanna be with you

Look into your eyes,,I can see my life
your face just fills the spaces in my mind
you dont know but in your own time
youll depart from my bind


I wanna shelter you from the outside world you'll never be alone
and color all your grey skys blue,,,guide you from the storm
you are so beutiful to me
i wanna be with you

repeat bridge


After great success with our debut self titled 2008 cd. We entered the studio again in July 2009 in creation of what has become our best material to date. Slated for a late fall release we've gave our fans with great response the teaser track Pay Your Dues.
*Lonely Chair* Pay Your Dues is getting spins on Indianapolis rock station 103.3 wrzx

*Be With You* is getting spins on 99.5 wzpl

We are streaming songs on our Myspace Page. (

Set List

We are a very versatile band, which is why we can finance all our phases without borrowing money. We have a full 1 hour set of original material of rock, but we also have a full night of covers that we can do full of Rock, classic and dance..We have around 80 to 100 songs in our catalog.. Basically we can do it all!!