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NO4 is a hot upcoming rap group out of New Orleans.The sound they have is like a good pot of gumbo.IT's a little southern flavor,mixed with a little east coast flavor,and a litle west coast flavor,that give's the music a rich and spicey sound.


NO4 signed up with Top Of The World Entertainment South in New Orleans ran by ceo and founder Wilbert C Wrines in 05.They started working on their first album but didn't get to finish it.Hurricane Katrina came,No4 and the record label lost everything top of the line studio equipment,the music tracks.They all was displaced some in Houston,Atlanta and Alexandria.But that didn't stop NO4 or the label they went to networking.And with a twist of faith NO4 and the label got back together in New Orleans and started all over again .NO4 have finished a college radio promotion with a boston based company the planitary Group.The first week NO4 had a great opening,They came in #3 at 14 radio stations.NO4 album was the stations favorite new albums for the week.In all NO4 was was picked up in rotation at 47 stations,including KDHX,CFRE,KSLC,WBAR,WNTE and was added to the charts the following week where they came in at #10.NO4 also had Eugene Foley Entertainment out of New Jersey one of the most sought after music consultants working with them as well and still is at the present time.


I Wish a Knuckle Head Would

Written By: NO4

I wish a Knuckle Head Would


Top Of The World Entertainment South Released NO4's LP titled It's Bout Time,I Wish a Knuckle Head Would And Mind Your Business or the singles that is on the air wave's at 96.1 the Zone in Houston

Set List

NO4 have 14 songs on the Lp Turn the Music up,Stump,Yall Ain't ready,I wish a Knuckle Head Would(Street Version)Mind Your Business,Problem's,Chitty Chitty,Down South,I wish a Knuckle Head Would(Radio Version)Da Shit, Fire.This is our Time ,Temporary Life,