BandHip Hop

N.O.4 Hot new hip hop group from New Orleans Smashing the Media Base radio charts with over 7 million listeners and over 4900 spins. Currently on the Dub Show Tour across the nation. N.O.4 brings the energy and entertainment to the audience you don't want to miss it.


New Orleans born and bred friends Pookie, Lil Brotha, and D Smooth, were brought together by a love for music, and a love for their city. Their bond and commitment to their music has lead to a decade long partnership.
N.O.4. experienced some early success with “I Wish a Knucklehead Would.” Not wanting to lose momentum, they would work on music during the separation but things changed when they met Shane Theriot, who believed in what he heard from the group and created a label home for them. Their debut album, “The Beginning” was released January 2012. The project offers collaborations with DMX and Mystikal and is only a glimpse into the catalog of the great music.


N.O.4 "Tell Ya Friends" ft DMX