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Noa offers the dynamic neo-soul vibe of Richie Havens and the smoldering intensity of Nina Simone without being even remotely derivative. The woman handles her Guild F50 Jumbo like a Stradivarius, or a drum, or an impetuous lover with lyrics and melodies that resonate with passion and conviction.


An Acoustic-Soul Storyteller with Jazz, Folk, and Blues Roots

Singer/Songwriter Noa Bursie is proud to say she was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. The youngest of nine children, Noa had a mother who worked Bingo and boasted the tastiest Friday night fish fry on the East Side. a father who was a crane operator at Bethlehem Steel, five altar boy brothers, and three sisters committed to the Legion of Mary by the time they could walk. Though her experiences have taken her across the country and half-way around the world, her roots are here and they are undeniable. Subtle undertones of spice and rhythm tell the tale of a well-traveled soul fluent in the universal language of passion and youthful angst while the small town, parochial school girl peeks from around the corner with a wry grin.
Bursie is fond of recalling stories that her Louisiana-born mother often told about her grandfather who traveled throughout the South in the 30's and 40's playing and living the blues. A self-taught guitarist, like her grandfather, Noa plays with unabashed authority and a natural ease, " she was born with the instrument in her hand and her grand- daddy's 'mantle' across her shoulders." Her music is a rich and refreshingly unconventional composite of jazz, acoustic new soul, folk, blues, and roots genres. Infused with supple wit and astute, poetic lyricism, the material flows deftly from history and social commentary, politics and the media, to relationships and even extraterrestrials, often evoking comparisons with artists like Rickie Lee Jones, Joan Armatrading, or John Mayer. Whether it's the alternate guitar tunings, smoothly sensuous vocals, edgy wails, or incisive lyrics, this artist has the ability to work the audience up into a dancing sweat as easily as hypnotize them into pin-drop silence with a single phrase. This is music for people who love a little intellectual stimulation with their toe-tapping and finger-popping and is as diverse as you would expect from a woman weaned on Dinah Washington, Aretha Franklin, and Sam Cooke, nurtured in the cradle of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor (with a little Steely Dan in the mix), and sanctified by Bessie Smith, Bonnie Raitt, and Ray Charles.

Noa Bursie offers a smart, hip, and utterly engaging blend of sound and lyric. She is not to be missed and is available as a solo acoustic performer for smaller venues or with her band that may include electric guitar, upright bass, percussion and horns depending on the venue and event.


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Chris Krtanik


TalkStory(2005); Familiar Addiction(2008)

Set List

original folk, blues, jazz, traditional - the occasional 'cover'...J
Etta James, Nina Simone, Jann Arden, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Dougie MacLean,