Noah aka Quiet Child

Noah aka Quiet Child

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Noah is a 21 yr old rapper that trys to put his life's situations into song. His first album was published late in 2005 and he has since published three more. His fourth album, entitled "The Up Comin" is available now from CDbaby. ps: The album's #1 on RadioIndy


Noah is a 21 year old southern rapper that has been at this since he was ten years old. He has experienced a lot in these young years and he tries to put his experiences and feelings into songs. He published his first album in October of 2005 and since then, has published three more. He has just published his fourth album. The new album is entitled , "The Up Comin". Many of the songs for the new album are already streaming on his various websites. His songs have won awards on Garage We also just recently put the new album on RadioIndy and all the songs are at the top of their charts.
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Noah has over 60 published songs since he started this thing. Be sure to check the links and news off of his homepages for updates.

"Lyrical Content" published October 2005
"LIKE ME" published April 2006
"Half an Opportunity" published May 2006
"The Up Comin" publishlished Nov. 30, 2006. (We put it on RadioIndy about the first of March and it is already the number one album-check it out)

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