Noah Andrade

Noah Andrade


acoustic world music


Born in the U.S. to Cape Verdean parents, it was at the age of 5 that his interest in music started being noticed. Noah’s parents had a live cd recording of Mayra Andrade singing the late Orlando Pantera’s, Regasu. This song seemed to catch his interest. Everyday on the way to kindergarten, it became a ritual for him to hear the song on the drive to school. It wasn’t until a year later that Noah’s father showed him who Mayra Andrade was during an internet search. The picture that came up was that of the songstress playing guitar. Instantly Noah wanted to learn guitar. The rest is his story developing. Noah now sings, writes and composes his own music and has showcased his impressive guitar riffs at Providence SoundSession '07, '08, and '09, S.O.B.'s in Manhattan NY, and Harlem Meer Festival, Central Park, NY.



Set List

Set is usually 45-60minutes. All songs from Debut CD - 'Noah' and a few cover songs.