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Real hip-hop is alive! Staying true to the honest voice of original hip hop and adding a new, clean, club-bangin' sound. NOAH DUB is hip hop evolution.


Noah Wark a.k.a. Noah Dub was born to produce great music. At age 5 guitar lessons and Michigan’s diverse music scene began stimulating him with a passion to perform. By 13, he began forming in a reggae/hip-hop band called Crystal Wine, in school dances, but it was when his performing continued into high school that he developed a talent for ripping freestyle rhymes. He quickly became a well-known performer at house parties and other local venues where people were awed by his ability to improvise poetic raps. Notes became words and melodies became thoughts as he ripped his way into a band called Vesperception. After a short yet strong performance career in Ann Arbor, Vesperception split-up and Noah relocated to Wisconsin. With him he brought his powerful flow and memorable stage presence, which won him 5 consecutive freestyle battles at large venues like Wisconsin’s Drop-Fest 04’. To promote his solo career he built his own studio and recorded his first demo and two indie EPs, as well as collaborating with several major label recording artists. Now he has returned home with his catchy choruses and hardcore hip-hop verses to claim his stake.


Fire of Desire

Written By: Noah Wark (ASCAP)

Verse 1:
I’ve got too much energy, to not assemble these
Rhymes in lines that form like assemblies
I sleep write in similes, eat mikes and enter these
Rap battles I win to keep fighting my enemies
I need my serenity, deep thoughts and remedies
To heal the dark scars from hard rotten tendencies
Or else my mind will disguise God’s entity
As a dark spot amidst hard shots and memories
But I’m never too tired to write, never to tired to rap
Verbally ready to strike, verbally ready to scrap, certainly ready to snap
On any form of writer’s block that ever attempted to tempt me
Or prevented the pen from writing down these words on a page that’s normally empty
I’m wondering who sent me, on Earth with a purpose to write this script
When I’m normally on a search for the perfect light to provide enlightenment
And I’m writing this verse, while the planet spins and words disperse
From snatching a purse to going to church, we change when the pain gets worse
And the anguish first was the curse that caused me to make my difference
But it’s hard to make that difference, when you’re living in a world of ignorance
And my belligerence changed to divine as instruments
Came to the mind of indigents, when it arrived at a time that’s infinite
I’m a keep my incense lit, staying high, trying to provide
The hype on the mic with the light of insight so only the strongest survive
And if you’re alive scream at the top of your lungs “I love this journey”
Because we’re all in for one hell of a ride and the fires burning

I got this fire of desire steadily burning my heart
And it makes me want to write a track that’ll reach the top of the charts
But I can’t write garbage as an artist because it tears me apart
So I keep on starving bringing the hardest with my lyrical art

Verse 2:
I spent ten years getting high trying to hide
From the fact that the life we live in is finite and I might die
Before I’d ever really reach a state of nirvana
So I kept on smoking steadily choking the past with marijuana
Me and my mother were very close when I was younger
But there’s nothing you can do when your son is filled with the hunger
Since then I’ve wondered what it would take to make a bomb track
So I started producing my own music to pay my mom back
And I really don’t need a goddamn thing but a mic and a record contract
Bcause those are the tools I use when I’m painting a colorful contrast
My lyrical bombs blast in the foreground and the background
Because in the foreground’s this white dude And the background’s the black sound
I’m too hype to back down Sick of being all cowardice
Sick of being on power trips so the hour this
Hit, hits the radio waves I’m guaranteed to make a couple a rappers feel powerless
Guaranteed to make them powerless

Noise Hop

Written By: Noah Wark (ASCAP)

It’s noise hop for the cops
The shots got harder to land
Pointing your gun at a man
It doesn’t make you harder to me
It only makes you part of the beef
So people on the streets are just getting harder to see
Its noise hop for the uncreative rappers and charts
Spit a little more than a gimic and give it your heart
Now that’s hard
Cuz what you’ve been attempting to be
Is a mean mugging money makin machine

Verse 1:
Ay yo I spit it and rip it
And when I live it I live it
I’m not timid I divot the given gift and I give it a pivot
And when I shift it I spit it with very specific linguistics
So nitpicking motherfuckas and critics can get it
My limericks are vivid
I took a page of the dictionary
Twisted it lit it and hit it
I’m sick with it
So rhyming I’ll stick with it
I’ll put my spiritual self in it and a little bit of dick with it
These pages are acidic and full of the liquid sickness
So I flip this with the quickness of a cop that’s giving me tickets
For exceeding the typical lyrical limits in minutes I finished
The sentence that I could’ve served
For doing shit to people that people did not deserve
This is my word
My comprehensive intentions will tickle your nerves
And ts noise hop written for evil people and nerds
Evil people and nerds

Verse 2:
Nervousness is making me feel so murderous
Herbs and fits are shaking me through my nerves and limbs
Tshirts and Tims and plus a couple pairs of jeans
Is all I need to feel so fresh and so clean
Know what I mean?
I’m keeping it fast a slow tempo
Plus my inner temple’s a nympho
So this is an info memo that I’m sending your computer
Look to the future’s my MO
Oh no
I got you hype but you sit still
This shits like the bite of a pit bull
You’re damn right you’ll get killed
So if you’re scared of the sight of a flying missile
Or the site of a pistol its time to get real
Cuz we’re dealing with some serious issues
Here is a tissue
Go ahead and dry your eyes
This noise hop’s the only way to change the flow of the tides
The flow of the tides


Written By: Noah Wark (ASCAP)

I know, you know
I know that you’re comin home with me tonight
I know, and you know,
That I know, that you’re coming home with me tonight

Verse 1:
So I saw this girl at a party
Sippin on a fifth of Bacardi
Sittin all alone while she drank in a zone
I’m thinking of making her moan while I stared at her body
I’m thinking to myself she’s probly
The nice type that likes to get naughty
But in a look in her eyes said No Woman No Cry
So I told the DJ to play Bob Marley
He started to spin the disc as I stared straight at her hips
They started to move as she started to groove
And she proved that her style was thick
Next thing I knew she was on her feet
I’m lookin at her, she’s lookin at me
She’s fingering me to come over and dance
So I made an advancement with the bounce of the beat
I got to her and sparked the flame
By asking hey girl whats your name
She said that her name was Michelle and that she might as well
Go ahead and ask me the same
So I told her my name and lifestyle
And that I thought she had a nice smile
Then she gave me a thanks, took a sip of her drank
And told me in response she thought I had a tight style
I said girl your style is tight too
I think I might just like you
Then I asked her to step outside for a minute or two so we could talk
Cuz she seemed insightful
She apprehended then said alright
We got outside, she started to light
Her Newport Light, I looked in her eyes and said
Girl you know you’re coming home with me tonight, right?

oh, no, aint no need for stopping this girl
and fo sho she came here to rock in my world
and I know there aint no way to tell this girl to take it slow

Verse 2:
so I got a call on my phone at about twelve thirty o clock
it was a friend saying the party’s jumping and I should roll to the spot
I said hold on, give me a second
Let me write down directions
He said “oh yeah theres a girl up at this party that keeps on asking me questions”
Like wheres your boy Noah Dub are we gonna be blessed with his presence?
He said he told her to get her own life and quit sweatin me stressing
Ten seconds later I came in wearing a smile and a winter jacket
Looking cold from the head to the toes so you know she was attracted
She started clappin, shakin her hips to her favorite slow jam
My eyes wondered around the room to peep the program
I noticed that no man in the place was quite as fresh as me
So I started sending her sexual vibrations through mental telepathy
She danced away across the room and stood right next to me
So I whispered in her ear, you and I are the perfect recipe
Suddenly her jaw just dropped like she was infested with leporacy
And her only response was “if I kissed you tonight would you think less of me”

oh, no, aint no need for stopping this girl
and fo sho she came here to rock in my world
and I know there aint no way to tell this girl to take it slow

Verse 3:
back at the party I said lets take a walk around the block
so we can talk about the things that’ll make you spark
she said the only thing was love
so I said we should make it
I think its sacred plus I cant wait to see you get naked
Too much time has been wasted
So lets stop with the fake shit
And embrace this moment cuz I can kiss your lips and taste it
The fact that in your sould you’re feelin awakened
And waitin for penetration so I’ma take this where I know I can take it

Cuz I know, you know
I know that you’re comin home with me tonight
I know, and you know,
That I know, that you’re coming home with me tonight


Vesperception- The EP
Noah Dub- The EP

Set List

Can’t Say 4:01
Déjà vu 3:32
Fire of Desire 3:35
Lifetime of Pain 2:51
Journey 2:25
Noise Hop 2:50
Tonight 4:44
Pride 2:46

Total Set Time= Approx. 30 minutes
* I usually do one or two improvisational music pieces throughout the set.