Noah Engh

Noah Engh


Armed with a shit guitar for strummin', a shit amplifier for amplified strummin' - another shit amp for shoutin' and one of the meanest left foots in the business, NOAH ENGH (aka Kid Fantastic, The Kid) relentlessly travels by himself promoting whatever record he just did, turnin' frowns upside down


Some people believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Noah knows better. With a relentless tour schedule and incendiary guitar riffs, NOAH ENGH travels tirelessly from city to city, with no room or time in his car for regrets. Armed with a GED, the Kid Fantastic has built a grass-roots following from San Diego to Saskatchewan. Slide guitar is the devil's tool, and Noah employs it heartily. To quote Capt. Sean Doe, "Daddy should have blew me on the floor, instead". Because sometimes the heat is just too hot, and it's hot when you wear 100% polyester.


2005 - Gotta Let That Boy
2006 - Letters To Lazy Gray
2007 - 3 Penny Opera
2008 - The Devil's Dream
2008 - Raw Potatoes
2008 - Lo Fi Low Class - Low Down and Dirty
2009 - Goddamn Trailer

Set List

When The Deal Goes Down
Cut My Wings (cover)
Be My Gal
The Devil's Dream
That's All Right Mama (cover)
Shake It
Goddamn Cadillac Car
Ramblin' (cover)
Possession Day (cover)
Preacher & Devil
Lil' Chickadee
Fishin' Blues (cover)
Buy You A House