Noah Gittell

Noah Gittell


Who knows? Folk-rock? Dylanesque? Dylan but better? Stories set to music? I write songs because I can't explain things in this way. Just listen, please.


I play guitar. And I write songs. But mostly what I do is tell stories set to music. I have tried my hand at ficiton, filmmaking, and poetry, but it has always been about using story to make sense out of those things that seem arbitrary. The world is chaos; story orders it.

Otherwise, I'm 26, I grew up in White Plains NY, and I currently reside in Hoboken. I'm an Aries who like Thai food and long walks on the beach...being carried by God.


"Watch Him Fall" (LP) - 2006 - self-released

Set List

I have over 60 original songs in my repetoire. Too many tolist, but here are a few. "Dinosaur," "Dear Captain," "Thunder and Lightning," "South Pacific," and "I Love the World (But I Hate Everyone In It)."

I cover songs by Bob Dylan and Tom Waits and am always working on new ones.

A perfect set for me is about fifty minutes long, but I can create a great four-song set or play for two hours if needed.