Noah Grant

Noah Grant


imagine having one man pretending he were fronting a full rock band...with an acoustic guitar.


Noah Grant has been flashing his talent as a musician for years, but has waited until just now to release his highly anticipated debut EP, "Rituals Are Rituals." He was brought up both as a freelance bass player and a prominent solo singer/songwriter in Tucson, AZ. Although deciding to pursue the latter, Noah Grant often incorporates both aspects of his musical background by substituting acoustic guitar with his six-string bass. The result is a unique sound often heard around his parts of the East Bay, and seldom anywhere else. But all that is about to change.

Take a listen to his songs, and you will see what I mean. Despite being a solo and acoustic artist, Noah Grant is unafraid to let it loose. The power behind his voice cuts right through his music and soars, breaking and trembling, leaving vulnerable the emotions that saturate his songs and keep the listener wanting more.

His songwriting is not the type that will give everything away on the first listen, but it is the type that will make you want to press play again. It is this depth that is refreshing to so many tired ears—ears exhausted of the weak writing and uniform production that is all too abundant on the radio today.

Noah Grant's live performances are also something you don't want to miss out on. Aside from his remarkable bass playing that earned him a string endorsement with La Bella at age 19, Noah Grant proves that he always leaves everything on the stage by screaming, sweating, and even crying during his songs. He gets so wrapped up in the music that his passion is infectious and keeps the audience's eyes fixed. Check his dates; if he is coming near you, mark your calendars.

All of this is why the buzz about Noah Grant is growing quickly. Hear it for yourself. Listen to samples. Buy the record.


Sight For Sore Eyes

Written By: Noah Grant

couldn't better suit it for tonight
rituals are rituals, even when we say goodbye

so let's crack the bottle
before i break the glass

(glassine) i was so afraid to tamper with
the same pact that i knew you broke once before
and i'll be damned if i let the night go by
as the last forevermore
so unveil the sight for sore eyes tales
for old time's sake
and let's make a night one more time for me

inebriated and delirious
future's about as fuzzy as my vision seems to be

so let's drain to the bottom
while we still have the chance

sore eyes' sting is never one-way
but lifting the anchor here is just something i gotta do

so let's crack open the bottle
drink away the sitcoms in our heads
while we still have the chance

Pathetic Excuse

Written By: Noah Grant

we rise out of regret to start again
you laid outstrecthed and arched, belly up,
as somewhat of a makeshift overpass

your hips as training wheels that have yet to come off
keep quiet, and no one will know, no one will ask, no one will leave you ostracized

but isn't that just it?
or would it kill you to admit
that it's four years old but the same old shit
that taut, reclusive kid that you're perceived as
is who you are


Rituals Are Rituals - EP, released 2/06

first single due out: Blacklisted

Set List

Typical set lists are heavy on originals, but include creative versions of classic songs like Nights in White Satin, I Can't Make You Love Me, Sweet Thing, and Hallelujah.