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The best kept secret in music


"Sophomore Makes Music A Habitual Ritual"

Once a frequent act at the International House Cafe, local singer-songwriter Noah Grant is taking his music on a road trip to support his debut EP Rituals Are Rituals. Grant will be performing at coffeehouses throughout the Southwest following a performance at the gelateria Naia Lounge in Lower Sproul this Friday, March 17 at 8 p.m.
Grant, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering at the College of Chemistry, recently met with The Daily Californian to talk about the road to Rituals Are Rituals.

Recorded entirely from the comfort of his bedroom, Rituals Are Rituals showcases Grant's dynamic vocals, which are a veritable homage to the 90s alternative rock scene. A self-described solo artist who rocks out like he's still in a band, Grant cites Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley as his primary influences.

"Pearl Jam, I think, taught me how to write songs," Grant said. "And Jeff Buckley taught me how to be artistic."

Grant remembers the 90s as "the last time popular music was actually good." Given his influences and musical worldview, it's not surprising that Grant croons like a Soundgarden-era Chris Cornell over nothing more than his acoustic guitar on the track "Blacklisted."

Originally a bassist, Grant's path to singer-songwriter was one largely molded by circumstance.

An alleged illness that befell his high school band's lead singer the day of their first show jumpstarted Grant's singing career.

"None of us thought he had pneumonia. We thought he was just flaking out on us," Grant recollected, "so the guitar player and I were like, 'Alright, we've gotta sing!' So we sang, and it was terrible."

While such an experience has ended the nascent careers of many aspiring singers, the dreadful state of Grant's vocals was only temporarily discouraging. A few years after his debut, Grant started taking singing lessons and began showcasing this newly refined talent on his own. As he played more and more solo performances, Grant gradually made the transition from bass to guitar.

After years of performing, Grant finally decided to sit down and cut a record last semester, despite the hesitations that had hindered him in the past.

"I've been doing this for a while, but I never made a record because I could never bring myself to make people pay for my music," Grant admitted.

"So when I decided to put out a record, I knew I couldn't give it away for free, but I compromised with myself," Grant explained. "I made a compromise that I would sell it for as cheaply as I could so that as many people could get a copy as possible."

Grant achieved this goal by using little more than his PowerBook to record the EP. Furthermore, Grant's minimalist recording attitude presented technical challenges that ultimately allowed him to create a recording with a more personal feel.

"I really went for a kind of raw sound so that when people listen to it, especially if they're listening to it on headphones, it sounds like I'm just singing, like I'm in the room singing," Grant explained.

Committed to thrift, Grant chose coffeehouses to promote his record so that people wouldn't have to pay to see him perform.

"Maybe someday down the road, if all goes well, I'll be worth $10," Grant laughed, "but that is surely not the case now."

For the time being, Grant is happy to play free shows and sell his CDs for $5. "It's about getting the music out to as many people as possible," he stated.

This may be a conviction often said but seldom meant, but for Noah Grant, no sentiment could be more genuine.

WHAT: Noah Grant

WHERE: Naia Lounge, Lower Sproul

COST: Free

WHEN: Friday, March 17, 8 p.m. - The Daily Californian


"...the first thing that strikes me here as a listener is Noah's passion. It comes across very strongly in his vocal's strong, engaging, and conveys his emotions." --TAXI - TAXI

"Review of "Rituals are Rituals.""

"...he maintains a powerful hold over the melody with his strong and commanding voice. In this way, he will please both fans of hard rock and pany droppers who like John Mayer." - The Daily Wildcat

"Remark about the record"

"Five dollars for Noah Grant's record, 'Rituals are Rituals,' is the best deal around. Everyone should go out and get a copy!" - The Blaze, 1260 AM, Tempe, AZ


Rituals Are Rituals - EP, released 2/06

first single due out: Blacklisted


Feeling a bit camera shy


Noah Grant has been flashing his talent as a musician for years, but has waited until just now to release his highly anticipated debut EP, "Rituals Are Rituals." He was brought up both as a freelance bass player and a prominent solo singer/songwriter in Tucson, AZ. Although deciding to pursue the latter, Noah Grant often incorporates both aspects of his musical background by substituting acoustic guitar with his six-string bass. The result is a unique sound often heard around his parts of the East Bay, and seldom anywhere else. But all that is about to change.

Take a listen to his songs, and you will see what I mean. Despite being a solo and acoustic artist, Noah Grant is unafraid to let it loose. The power behind his voice cuts right through his music and soars, breaking and trembling, leaving vulnerable the emotions that saturate his songs and keep the listener wanting more.

His songwriting is not the type that will give everything away on the first listen, but it is the type that will make you want to press play again. It is this depth that is refreshing to so many tired ears—ears exhausted of the weak writing and uniform production that is all too abundant on the radio today.

Noah Grant's live performances are also something you don't want to miss out on. Aside from his remarkable bass playing that earned him a string endorsement with La Bella at age 19, Noah Grant proves that he always leaves everything on the stage by screaming, sweating, and even crying during his songs. He gets so wrapped up in the music that his passion is infectious and keeps the audience's eyes fixed. Check his dates; if he is coming near you, mark your calendars.

All of this is why the buzz about Noah Grant is growing quickly. Hear it for yourself. Listen to samples. Buy the record.