Noah Needleman

Noah Needleman


Listen to the guitar; listen the voice; listen to the words... each of these elements is at the backbone of Noah's sound. He will grab you, hold you, and make you want to stand up and sing.


Noah has been gigging since he was in his mother's womb. Mom singing and Dad on guitar, they would play weddings and parties together. When Noah was in his baby seat, he'd spend hours at his parents' band practice. This set the stage for a life long love affair with music.
He started with singing, learned how to whistle at 5, and among other instruments, learned to play guitar.
"The guitar seduced me... in the deep dark corners of my adolescence."
Noah sang in the award winning Napa High School Choir. Section Leader, Soloist, Accompanist and even Assistant Conductor his senior year, Noah was an integral part of the group. He went on to study Music Composition at several universities. He studied theory under one of the last students of Nadia Boulanger, voice with nationally acclaimed Conductor and Voice Teacher Donald Brinegar.
But through all of his studies, he kept the guitar to himself. Writing songs about life, love, and happiness, he crafted his sound with careful intention.
Today, amongst other endeavors, he has recorded with television composer Lee Carerri, producer EB Fraley, and continues to explore new places to use his talent.



Written By: Noah Needleman and Ben Coria

In my life, I've found
in losing and loss, we gain ground
and it's an upward climb, i know
but the search i find, is my own

riding waves of doubt,
will never get you out
of trouble

wherever we go, we may find we never know
but living all, living all the way
we give it all, and give it every day

Searching for Solar

Written By: Noah Needleman

it's a wonder-lust, and wandered lost for so long now
searching for the solar among stars
i know sometimes it's hard to find
life among the living; all the
walking dead, the champions of farce...

but i'm not afraid to fly
and i'm not afraid to fall
cause it's just apart of life
when flying is your call

and anything can happen,
in the skyline city limits
where you can see for miles around
and i'm singing loud, if there's a cloud, chances are i'm in it,
with my feet nowhere near the ground...


Written By: Noah Needleman

Take a look around, ain't nobody watching now
what damage can we do? ain't nobody here but me and you...

what happens in vegas stays there
let the gravity take us, we don't care

well i'm sorry momma, you know you weren't supposed to know
I know we all hate drama, but i was hoping this would all blow over

now we'll all work this out
how, we'll just have to find out
but i don't know if it'll ever be the same again...

Hold On

Written By: Noah Needleman

exctasy, exploring life and limb with me; fufilling all my fantasies, living in synergy

by my side, living wrong but feeling right, fighting off the clocks to find the churchbells in our own time

growing on eachother growing strong, you will be the one i hold on to

poetry, she's a walking work of art you see, and she's standing right next to me; the lucky one is me...

blooming trees or falling leaves i know, you will be the one i hold on to

like fades away, but we still play the game, and in and out of falling hard, i still feel the same-
you will be the one i hold on to...

Boy Next Door

Written By: Noah Needleman

Suzy is 6 to some, but she is a dozen minus one, more than enough the way we were.
and i'm gonna stay inside, comfy and safe from the falling sky, and pretend the rain wouldn't fall on her

i'm just the boy next door, and i know she's so much more, but maybe one day she'll be mine, she'll be mine

it's easy to be vague, when nobody know what your trying to say, and i wanna be sure that you hear me right
i'm not the hottest thing to wake up next to every morning, but i'll sing you to sleep every night

i've known you since i was 4, and you were on my family's payroll, but that never mattered much to me. and just because you were my babysitter, it doesn't mean we couldn't be more... cause we could be more, if i wasn't just the boy next door.


She Was...

Set List

Sets can range from 30-60 minutes of orignial music. Covers include all genres- artists like John Mayer, Frou Frou, The Postal Service, Ben Harper, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, etc.