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""There is only one of him. Only one Noah Rothschild""

AN HONEST VOICE- music review written by Billy Sheppard of Rogue Radio

The common touch is a funny thing. The great ones make you think it's easy, that you can do it too, that your life is important, and you might be just as talented as they are. That's quite a real good generous trick, really. But there is one Hank Williams, and there is only one Woody Guthrie. So, I'm not saying Noah Rothschild is one of them. I'm saying the Noah Rothschild makes me feel that my life is important, makes his music seem easy, and tempts me to sing with him or maybe write a song. There is only one of him. Only one Noah Rothschild. He writes words we all use every day, and he sings like a pitch perfect field holler, or an especially great neighbor with a good voice, and plays chords you can learn yourself. And he sings your life for you if you haven't heard it for awhile.

There's a guitar here that seems to find it's way with a homemade feel that's all about bringing the song straight home. There's a cello that switches from a classical sweetener to a country fiddle fluidly with the expressiveness to match Noah's own voice. The drums make all the right moves, with a splash of the cymbal and the brushes and drum sticks handy for just the right touch. The songs flow along like a stream over the rounded rocks on a nice day in Big Bear.

Throughout the album there is the quiet sound of a woman's voice expressing the same words from a different heart, and just a little after Noah. That voice is like an quiet echo coming from a another honest voice. The singers names are Meiko ("Alone" and "Broken Down Dreams") and Louise Fraser ("No More Disguise"). Noah's voice sounds like a touch of Appalachia, Kentucky or Tennessee wrapped around a great big chunk of the truth.

ALONE — Well, if your vinyl record of "Oh Lonesome Me" is worn out, you may be due for a replacement. This song has a couple of modern ideas, like wanting "to get high," but Hank did a little of that too I've been told. When Noah slips from the warmth of his soft spoken singing voice to the high pleading of the chorus, he sings in a pure, authentic tenor voice: "All I want is you to come back home. Take my hand, don't leave me all alone." She's a gem. And if you miss someone that's long gone, or just gave up trying, Noah would like to reason with you, "Cause when you love some, it's the hardest thing to find. You better hold .. you lose your mind."

BROKEN DOWN DREAMS isn't the waltz of Icharus, but something sweeter. The cello takes to the skies from a mountain top after exchanging the broken down wings. "Gonna' fly now. Fly with the dove or the angels above. Get high now. Never lonely…" It's a place "where all you can see is what you feel." When I hear Noah's voice, and Meiko joins him, I long for the air under my wings. There is a little smoke on the horizon, I think, when that cello decays a little into the horizon. This is a place where "everything is intertwined." I love the waltzes of Gordon Lightfoot. This fantasy takes me somewhere just as real.

MY QUEEN has the voice of a man on a mountain about to break into a yodel, but not quite. "Don't give a damn what they say! I'm gonna love you anyway." Maybe he's at the edge of town on the hill, singing to himself. "You're my queen!… I'll be your king. I don't give a damn what they say. I'm gonna love you anyway." Seems like the girl has gone away. "Won't you come home to me and end this misery?" Noah takes this one solo, with just the guitar. He's gone on a search for her on his own. The song of separation. "Maybe you'll come home someday."

"FALLING DOWN can't you hear the sound of a world that's so cold? But I'm not broken. I'm not broken. I'm not broken. I'm not broken." The not broken chorus repeats to a crescendo that only increases the doubt. "In your picture frame I can see you're split in two. Tearing out my heart, is that what you want to do?" But the build continues, and the lyric builds by further repetition. "My whole world is falling through… But I'm not broken!" Though the pain remains.

NO MORE DISGUISE is the title cut, and the clearest waltz of "change has begun" toward hope without illusions. "It's over now! You can't hold on, the past is gone. So open your eyes and realize that a change has begun. There's no more, no more disguise." Louise is back and Noah's voice casts a special spell. This here is the song of Icharus. "I thought you were blowing with the wind." It's this song. "You were flying so high you thought you would die, and be reborn again. Straight to your soul love has taken it's toll. You were crashing to the ground. But see now, look what you've found." Noah's heart keeps open house. "There's no more disguise." When there's no more disguise, "the sky is the limit." Hey, Demosthenes! I think we've found your honest man!

"The easiest thing of all is to deceive one's self; for what a man wishes he generally believes to be true." (Demosthenes)

- Billy Sheppard - Rogue Radio


No More Disguise EP 2007
Original songs from this EP are featured in the recently released film "I Am Omega" and the 2008 Chill Out Acoustic compilation CD.



L.A. based singer-songwriter, Noah Rothschild, is one of the most soulful and unique voices to come out of the Los Angeles music scene in years. His heart felt lyrics inspire hope and hold a vision for the upliftment of human consciousness. In 2007 he released his debut 'No More Disguise' EP. His EP features female harmonies with Meiko and Louise Frazier. Original songs from this EP are featured in the recently released film "I Am Omega" and the 2008 Chill Out Acoustic compilation CD. He has played several recent shows at the renowned Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, and held his release party at The Mint in Los Angeles. He is currently finishing production on his "Down By The Riverside" 12 song album, to be released in the fall of 2008.