Noah Smith

Noah Smith

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Noah Smith is a highly energized performer and ambitious sweaty broad songwriter who is impacting every audience he encounters. A flannel and blue jean modern day Springsteen with stories of hard working America blended into melodies that make his fans fall in love and sing along to every word.


From the still waters of Brown County, Ohio comes a man who walks on the shoulders of giants. Noah Smith is a true American Songwriter. At the age of twelve Noah picked up his friends hand-me-down 1970s telecaster and began to find his path.
Like the endless trails of woods he pondered through as a child, Noah soon fell in love with the sounds of an acoustic guitar. This led to a thirst for adventure and a desire to explore the possibilities of music.
At a young age, he joined a rock and roll band and started putting his words to work. Ever since...Noah's musical career has become a labor of love. With an ambitious attack at writing songs, everyday simple prose and melody immediately found their way into the form of song.
After high school, Noah finished college at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. While tuning his ear as a musician and a creative artist he begain building life experiences. His songwriting began to flourish. Heart Ache, God's Blessing, and the Devils conviction all have found their way into his life and his songs. With several music adventures and releases under his belt both successful and not...he decided to step out on his own and start his solo career. At times when he was compared to Bruce Springsteen Noah found a home on dark lit stages and smoke filled bars, all perfectly graced with the motion of taping cigarettes and boot heels to the beat. Lyrically Noah creates a simple home for his listeners to briefly escape to. Musically his energy and prescence on stage impacts rooms large and small.
?From the banks of the Ohio river, to the hills of Tennessee Noah has been reaching his new audience with a stride in his step along a very blessed road.
Touring regionally with several bands along the years, Noah has found himself a home away from home in music city.
In recent months he has been writing monthly out of Nashville, TN. His current record was tracked at the House of Blues (Nashville) vibrating through the same walls as such artist as Alan Jackson, Gary Allan, and Eric Church. His music is a capsule of childhood faith, ambition, a little bit of love, God's good word, and the uphill climb to living an American boys dream. With respect for the days of past and intuition for the great days to come Noah writes in his song Up Hill Both Ways...
"I do my best to give a damn...I still say yes sir yes lets talk about them glory days...We're the next generation of walking up hill...both ways"...

Noah is currently working on his new record in Nashville, TN and booking for the winter of 2013.
If you would like to book Noah or interested in songwriting please contact


So Blind

Written By: Noah Smith

Written and Performed by - Noah Smith


Ive been trying to put it all together

I keep looking back on yesterday

I was too wrapped in myself

Was there someone else

The love I lost in your eyes its been killing me

Did you want to fly free

You didn’t take the time to say

You could have said goodbye

But you just walked away


I want to know

How could I be so blind

I want to know

How it never crossed my mind

I’ve been loving you so long

How could things go so wrong

I couldnt see you were leaving me

How could I be so blind


Its been two years now

Since you took off down the road

My friends and family say I’m crazy

But I swear I didn't’ know

In my eyes you couldn’t do wrong

This is my so long love song

I couldnt see

I was blinded by your love now I’m down on my knees

You ran off to the west coast

Made a move for the sun

They say that love takes two

But now I’m the only one



Everyday just reminds me of the things we could have been

All the things I’ll never get

Like a runaway train my breaks keep slippin and you keep runnin running away


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