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Formed in late 2003 Noah Takes The Jungle have been showcasing their "catchy" and "uplifting" sound throughout Dublin and Kildare in venues such as TMBC, Voodoo Lounge, The Sugar Club, The Village, The Hub, Eamon Doran's, Riverbank Theatre and many more. In 2003 at the ages of 15, 15 and 16 NTTJ recorded a 7-track E.P of original material entitled "The Alkoladic Surrealist" thus moulding their sound. Later that year they took part in the Shockwaves unsigned competition and were highly praised for their professionalism and musical ability for their age. By May '04, having written a bunch of new material, they decided it was time to hit the studio again this time taking two weeks to record a 9-track album entitled "Last Stop San Agrinas". The recording,mixing,mastering and pressing of the album was completely funded by the band without the backing of management or a label. Soon after the recording of the album the band resumed gigging until November at which time two members of the band had to break from gigging in order to "study" for their upcoming exams in June '05 thus delaying the release of "Last Stop San Agrinas". During that time NTTJ did continue to write new material and as of now have 10 to 12 new tracks written for the next recording described by drummer Stephen as "bigger and more experimental than before". You can catch some of these new tracks at NTTJ's upcoming gigs.In October 2005 They took part in the Global Battle Of the Bands.Having won their semi final heat,beating off stiff competition from 7 other bands in the process,They qualified for the regional final,only to be denied a place in the final by the overall winners.Soon after GBOB their then bassist was relieved of his services due to other commitments.Enter Mr Sean McGowan.They have recently qualified for the Emergenza Worldwide music festival semi-final to be played in late May '06.At recent shows they have been described as "explosive", "uplifting" and "musically mature way beyond their years". Set to release their album in 2006 they have high hopes for the year,and who would bet against them? Don't be fooled by their age! This is a band bound for big things.You have been warned! ---Thank you to John Crean for this article.---


Six Ways From Sunday

Written By: Josh Marshal

Have you ever had a girl to write a song about,
And have her push you so far out
that it felt like you were just a breeze in Time Square
Ever had to wash yourself away
or have her know you might be praying
for a break in theory

Big Red thought he was crazy so we left him on his back
and we rolled around these streets for years to come
I don't know where I left off but I know i'm coming back
and the tremors of your love will echo on

Don't you ever let it slip that you might come away
or have her know you might be praying
for a break in theory
ever had to wash yourself away
or have her know you might be saying goodbye

they will echo on.....

2 Litre Heart

Written By: Josh Marshal

2 Litre Heart

She said, “I find you terribly amusing, but the bright lights are not your friend”
I Said “ I find you awfully confusing, and I’m not sure just what you mean”
It’s a girly thing, to be in love
But it’s a manly thing,
To be in love,
And not say a word,
To anybody except your friends inside the earth

She’s got a picture of Jesus on her wall
Sometimes I wonder is she,
Looking at me at all,
And can I ask you is it,
Is it a question of faith?
Or is it just that you’re too filled with hate….

I’m drivin’ way too fast,
To catch up,
To catch up,
With my 2 litre heart,
You’re too fucked,
You’re too fucked,
And you don’t stand a chance,
Against me,
Against me..
And my 2-litre heart,
And you know, that frankly,
You don’t stand a chance.

Vibrate You

Written By: Josh Marshal

Could you tell me where you got your heart?
Or lack thereof,
This girl she’s crying cause you can’t make your,
Fuckin’ mind up
These silhouettes won’t set you free or let you in,
And all the while I’m searching for a next of kin…

These guitar strings won’t vibrate you
But I’ll, I’ll be here all night,
And hopefully, you’ll feel these things that are,
Causing me delight…
I’ll vibrate you tonight,
I’ll vibrate you tonight yeah
I’ll vibrate you tonight,
I’ll vibrate you tonight yeah

The look of lust is in your eyes
So pin me, down tonight
These frets are worn,
These fingers sore so,
Don’t fight this tonight…
These hats and harps and bricks and things,
Are crowding, my delight,
And all the while, you’re sinking down,
He’s looking, for a fight…

And it feels so surreal being here with you now,
It’s always the pretty ones, who get fucked around,
And are we all poets or am I a fool,
With too many questions, and not enough schooling..


2003 : 7-track E.P. entitled "The Alkoladic Surrealist"

2004 : 9-track album entitled "Last Stop San Agrinas"

2006 : 4-track live CD

Live and Studio tracks are available for listening and download on our MySpace page:

Set List

Recent Set List:

2 Litre Heart
Mitzy Gypsy
Watch This Space
Aurora Indica
My Compliments To The Chef
Pagan Moondance (Part III)
Vibrate You
Jeremiah Flapjack
(drum solo, tribal tamborine dance)
Escape From The Mexican Prison