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Noah Woods

Rockville, Maryland, United States

Rockville, Maryland, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Meet local singer-songwriter Noah Woods"

"Emotive and animated, Woods communicates with urgency and warmth. Not one to she-gaze or pout in canned MTV poses,he says he aims to inspire his listeners and connect with them." - Tampa Bay Times

"Noah Woods"

With simple elegance Noah Woods tears at your heart strings with his beautiful guitar playing. Displaying an uncanny ability to pull you into his vibe with ease, this album is extremely well produced and accompanied by some very strong songwriting.

This gentlemen impressed me within 10 seconds of hearing his opening EPK track: Abode. A must listen for the folk music, down home, soulful and facile music lover.

Having released his self-title debut album, independently recorded and produced through and through, Noah's passion for his music is evident in songwriting as well as the creation process.

Keeping independent music viable and worthwhile Noah Woods pleases and embraces what it means to be indie. -

"Fantastic New Artist"

His name is Noah Woods, and not only is he easy on the eyes, he is amazingly talented. Poetic lyrics that touch the soul the way a seasoned musician can... and he is in his mid 20's
Oh to be Mrs. Robinson...
But I digress...

I discovered him one sunny day in Dupont Circle, DC when the bad news about my brain damage had just been released upon me... He was the first thing that made me smile so I snapped a picture of him.... here...
Then today I wandered through Dupont again, and here was this lovely crooner entertaining the various Dupont "inhabitants"

He is soulful, different and worth every penny. Check him out.

hiking in stilettos said...
I loooove finding new music, so I am jealous that you randomly happened upon this guy on the street! That's the best!

MAY 14, 2009 4:57 AM
Alison said...
He is adorable, and his music really hits you in the gut. If you email him he will probably send you a sample or three!

MAY 14, 2009 10:10 AM
Kristin said...
What a lucky find! I miss living in D.C. so much!! You have an award on our blog!

MAY 14, 2009 12:01 PM
Noah Woods said...
Hey, Noah here! It's so rewarding to get responses like this. I just want to thank everyone for all their support.

Noah Woods

MAY 14, 2009 1:57 PM
Alison said...
Oh Noah dear, it was a SAD sad day at Dupont without you.....

and I can't stop singing, "through my window, wont ya go..."

MAY 14, 2009 2:33 PM
Brian A. French said...
I happened upon Noah at The Nine @ The Camel (RVA) in March. He's got a great sound and was entertaining to watch live.

MAY 14, 2009 3:24 PM
Alison said...
Then Brian you must know my boys Justin Trawick, and and Todd Smith (he is with brother shamus)

LOVE the Nine.... need to blog about that one of these days...

MAY 14, 2009 4:46 PM
Ron Miller said...
I too saw Noah at The Nine@The Camel in Richmond. Really liked his music. He has a great voice. Hope he comes back to Richmond town!

MAY 14, 2009 9:06 PM
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At three months in, The Noah Woods Project have not been together long, but already they've achieved a musical synchronization that bands with long histories have not yet claimed. Their live show represented five different backgrounds and viewpoints. Bass player Jason bounced around with the energy of a punk rocker, violist Cesse tips her head and listens while she plays and drummer Mark does more than keep the beat, setting the pace for even the slow songs, smiling the whole time. Woodwind player Brett gives each song its own sound, playing flute, saxophone and a cacophony of other instruments. Noah introduces most of the songs and does most of the talking, introducing their newest song, "Crazy Modern Times," by noting “I don't think we've ever played this one all together.” Well, you could have fooled me – the song came together perfectly, just like the rest of the band's catalog.

Noah has his own CD (available on iTunes and at CD Baby), which he wrote himself, but the band only plays three songs off of the album - "Saved", "Abode" and "Everything's the Opposite", the grown up version of “today is opposite day!” which I loved to say as a kid. That's a pretty apt description of the band as a whole – mature but playful. My mother once told me every topic has a lighter side, and the Noah Woods Project proves it with “Saved,” a song filled with sadness, but with a happy ending. Noah introduces it with a smile, saying “We're going to play a slower song. It's about a disaster, but everything turns out okay – that's why I wrote about it.” I couldn't help but ask about it after the show:

I was going to ask if Saved was autobiographical but now that I know it's a song about a disaster, I'm not sure I want to know.

Yes, it is.

Did you get hit by a car?!

No, but I saw a guy get run over.

And just like in the movies, he was okay?

Yep, not a scratch on him. I felt like I really witnessed a miracle, so I knew I had to write a song about it.

Speaking of miracles, the band sells CDs for donations, which, as Noah pointed out, is probably the best deal you'll find anywhere, and if you sign up for their e-mail list you have a chance of being serenaded by the entire band. “Once every four months I pick a name at random and we serenade them,” Noah explains to the crowd. I tried to bribe him to guarantee that I'd be the next winner, but he wasn't having it. I'll have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

I sat down with Noah after the show, and picked his brain a bit:

What's your favorite song to play live?

Whatever I’ve written most recently. I change my mind a lot.

Would you date yourself?

Yeah, I guess. Well, if I had a twin I’d date him, but that would be awkward.

And illegal in most states.

Yeah…but I’m pretty cool so I would be my own best friend. I guess that's all I can really say.

When it comes to the band, do you write all the parts to the songs or do you all get together and jam?

A little of both. I don’t want to say ‘you have to play this!’ I did a lot of the basics for the baselines and I wrote the guitar parts, but I like to let everyone contribute and make it a group effort. It brings the personalities and influences together so everyone has their own piece of a song.

What’s your favorite chord?

I like the James Bond chord – I’m not even sure which one it is, but I end with it on Rainbows and Shadows. (Ed. Note: According to the ever-reputable internet, the “James Bond Chord” is the nickname for Em/maj9. I learn something new every day – Thank you, Google! )

Do you think DC influences your songs in a unique way? There's a Metrobus reference in Everything’s the Opposite and I had to explain to some friends that it's part of the DC transportation system.

Of course I think DC has influenced me, since I grew up just outside of the city, but I’m not 100% sure how it's influenced my music. Obviously it's there, but I don't see myself more influenced than anyone is by the places that surround them.

That makes sense. What are some of your personal musical influences?

Like anyone else, I've been through a lot of phases. It really started with liking Greenday and the Offspring, but then I got into a lot of hip hop and rap. Of course, thanks to my parents there's a lot of Classic Rock, Beatles and Bob Marley, before I got into Sublime and Jack Johnson. So really I am all over the place.

I like that, though. I think most of us are pretty varied, though we may have one or two genres we really like. The Noah Woods Project appeals to a lot of people because the influences are so mixed.


Okay, I feel stupid for asking, but what language are you speaking in "Find your Seat"?

Actually, I made it up.

No way, really?

Yeah, it was just kind of sounds that went along with the music, and seemed to fit.

I thought it was some obscure language I just didn't know, so that makes me feel a bit better. So it's like your own version of scat - American Indie


Various demo's exclusively sold at shows and on the streets...coming to iTunes soon!



Noah Woods’ artistic talent is simply a mystery; most say it’s a unique gift. Growing up in a “tone deaf” family with no musical skills, Noah taught himself to write music. He has the unique ability to listen and recreate songs he would hear on the radio. As he grew and his talent flourished, he taught himself how to play guitar and how to synthesize any sound that came to mind.

As a Washington, DC native, Noah spent most of his childhood singing at school, home, and in the shower. He was often asked to perform and sell cds at local events, parties, weddings, schools and Thanksgiving in his family’s basement.
After many years of teaching himself guitar, Noah began to realize his innate talent for songwriting. In the hope of pursuing and refining his ability Noah studied electronic music, music theory and recording while in college. He was given unlimited time in the recording studio and spent most every free hour there composing and recording. Throughout his collegiate days, he played guitar and sang in several bands as well as independently. While at school, he was invited to perform over 100 times throughout Tampa, Florida, allowing him to sharpen his musical abilities.
Noah’s music is a mix of alternative rock, pop rock, and Americana, with keen melodies, thought provoking lyrics, foot tapping rhythms and memorable words.
Ready for the big city, Noah has moved back to the Washington, DC area and is currently working the local scene. He is continuing to write and produce his own compositions while performing.