Noah Woods

Noah Woods

 Rockville, Maryland, USA

The Noah Woods Project is known to take their listeners on a harmonious journey with their melodic tones and whimsical lyrics. Their sound has been described as a transcendence of the hustle and bustle mind state of city life.


Noah Woods’ artistic talent is simply a mystery; most say it’s a unique gift. Growing up in a “tone deaf” family with no musical skills, Noah taught himself to write music. He has the unique ability to listen and recreate songs he would hear on the radio. As he grew and his talent flourished, he taught himself how to play guitar and how to synthesize any sound that came to mind.

As a Washington, DC native, Noah spent most of his childhood singing at school, home, and in the shower. He was often asked to perform and sell cds at local events, parties, weddings, schools and Thanksgiving in his family’s basement.
After many years of teaching himself guitar, Noah began to realize his innate talent for songwriting. In the hope of pursuing and refining his ability Noah studied electronic music, music theory and recording while in college. He was given unlimited time in the recording studio and spent most every free hour there composing and recording. Throughout his collegiate days, he played guitar and sang in several bands as well as independently. While at school, he was invited to perform over 100 times throughout Tampa, Florida, allowing him to sharpen his musical abilities.
Noah’s music is a mix of alternative rock, pop rock, and Americana, with keen melodies, thought provoking lyrics, foot tapping rhythms and memorable words.
Ready for the big city, Noah has moved back to the Washington, DC area and is currently working the local scene. He is continuing to write and produce his own compositions while performing.


Various demo's exclusively sold at shows and on the streets...coming to iTunes soon!

Set List

Mostly Original songs.