Opelousas, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopWorld


Its ya boy N.O.B (New Orleans Bound)

And about me? 1 word "extraordinary"- unusually excellent or strange: very unusual and deserving attention and comment because of being wonderful,
My style "Universal".I feel i can get on any track even if its with the bum from under the bridge,to Mile Cyrus,and make it sound like Denzel a buy it .What im trying to say is. I don't care who you is or were you from if you bout this then im bout that.I just wanna be heard.Ill get me on your people and you on mine.I feel if its money to be made lets make it.I dont want the whole pie,they a never let you have it i just want a piece of it that leads to a large fortune and will not settle for being on the outside looking in.(ya feel me) I come from the N.O streetz.I was born Downtown in the St.Bernard Projects,moved Uptown to the 3rd ward Magnolia Projects,back Downtown ,dipped to the West bank,ended up in the East in Nigga Ville.So you can say ya boy been all ova that bitch (ya digg).I did everything from A to Z and Z to A so aint no telling what i know.I anit chose rap rap chose me.I breath,speak,live,and wanna do it if i aint done it this shit.when i was young in school i use to eat so many niggas i was full before the lunch bell rung.But its not about that.Its about making music!!!And with music comes eras.For example.Theirs POP,ROCK,R&B,RAP,DANCE,COUNTRY.and so forth and all those or different kinds of eras and they change like the seasons.There's a time for each one of them and if you or a music artist you have to be able to adjust.I rather be someone that can adjust then to be standing there waiting on my era to past back around (would'nt you agree).I want it all ladies and gentlemen.I dont want to be the best,but to be the best at what im doing,the best way I can,using the best of my ability's.And i dont do it for me,I do it for you so thanks for listening. AND THIS 1 FOR THE HATERS, YOU CAN HATE ME BUT I GOTTA BE YOUR FAVORITE.HATE MORE BECAUSE I WILL NEVA HATE IT, SO KEEP HATEN, I LOVE HATRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N.O.B About Me...(EXTRAORDINARY) in my (CONFIDENT) voice.